Quiz: Quiz: Do you know your Mac mini?
Quiz: Do you know your Mac mini?
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About This Quiz

The Mac mini is a tiny computer that packs a big punch. The Mac mini is the perfect computer for customers who want to make the switch from a PC to a Mac while not breaking the bank on an expensive iMac. Test your knowledge of the Mac mini with our 20-question quiz.

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On what operating system does the 2011 version of the Mac mini run?
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How much faster does the 2011 Mac mini run than its predecessor?
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How many USB ports does the Mac mini have?
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What is the name of the Mac mini's new ultrafast port?
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How tall is the Mac mini?
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What is not built into the Mac mini?
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How much does the most basic version of the Mac mini cost?
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Are PC accessories compatible with Mac minis?
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How much does a Mac mini weigh?
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True or False: You can never read CDs or DVDs on a Mac mini.
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Will you have to provide a display screen to use a Mac mini?
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Which new Mac mini app is a Lion-to-Lion sharing feature that allows users to connect via WiFi?
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Is the Mac mini built using environmentally friendly materials?
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How much storage is available in the Mac mini?
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With what kind of graphics processor is the Mac mini equipped?
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How wide is the Mac mini?
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When did the Mac mini debut on the market?
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What connection options are available with the Mac mini?
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