Quiz: The Ultimate London Eye Quiz
The Ultimate London Eye Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Most of the major cities of the world boast tourist attractions of some kind or another. Not many cities can present a giant Ferris wheel as their main tourist attraction. When it was built, the London Eye was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Take this quiz to learn more about this gigantic wheel.

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What was the idea behind the first Ferris wheel?
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Who was the architect of the London Eye?
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What was the official name of the project when it was opened to the public?
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When did the London Eye become a permanent attraction?
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What was the economic status of the wheel in 2005?
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By June 2008 how many people had visited the site?
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Who bought the wheel In 2006?
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What were some considerations that led to the concept of this giant Ferris wheel?
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How long are the legs of the wheel's supporting structure?
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How many capsules are there?
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How many passengers can each capsule hold?
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On a clear day, how far can you see from the top of the London Eye?
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