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So -- you'd like to look more Angelina Jolie-ish, but you don't want to get injections in your lips. There's a huge variety of over-the-counter lip plumpers out there. The jury is still out on how well they work, but they could be worth a try.

Your lips gradually get thinner as you age because they're losing skin cells.

Collagen and elastin are what keep your lips full, and they waste away as you get older.


In 2005, sales of all lip products tripled, thanks largely to lip plumpers.

According to the New York Times, the cosmetics industry had lip plumpers to thank for the doubling of lip-product sales.


Some lip plumpers are made with palmitoyl oligopeptides, which apparently encourage collagen production.

Lip plumpers with palmitoyl oligopeptides are supposed stimulate collagen production and thus be longer-lasting than plumpers that irritate the lips.


Newer lip plumpers include peptides and antioxidants in hopes of making the lips slightly fuller over time.

Peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are being touted as an alternative to lip-irritating plumpers.


With the best lip plumpers, you can get results that are almost as good as what you see with collagen injections.

No such luck. The extra pucker you get from a lip plumper will probably be very subtle -- and very temporary.


A 2007 Consumer Reports test showed that lip plumpers really do work, and the effects last for hours.

The 2007 Consumer Reports test found that the lip plumpers worked -- slightly -- for about an hour, if that.


A 2004 Good Housekeeping study declared Doo-Wop Lip Venom the best lip plumper.

City Lips was the winner of this test, and a subsequent one with newer products.


According to the Good Housekeeping test, the winning City Lips plumper added 3 millimeters of lip volume.

City Lips added 3 millimeters of lip volume. (We'd like to see how they measured that).


You can make your own lip plumper by mixing cayenne pepper in with Vaseline.

You can use cayenne, but keep it light. Cinnamon works, too.


If you want to spend $500 a tooth, you can get veneers that make your lips look plumper.

If money is no object, the $1,500-per-tooth veneers will definitely give you fuller lips.


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