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Zelda may not have been the first video game, but it required new levels of creativity and problem-solving skills to beat — not to mention plenty of home drawn maps to guide the way. See how much you know about the Zelda franchise with our quiz.

Zelda's outfit consists of an evergreen cap and jacket, which varies slightly throughout the series.

Princess Zelda generally dons a fancy frock — it's Link who wears the iconic green cap and jacket.


The original Zelda game was first released in Japan as "The Hyrule Fantasy: The Legend of Zelda."

The first Zelda game was released for the Famicom Home System in Japan. The creators dropped "The Hyrule Fantasy" name when repackaging the game for the U.S. market.


When did "The Legend of Zelda" first hit store shelves in the United States?

"The Legend of Zelda" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System — or NES — back in 1987.


Which of these gaming technologies did "The Legend of Zelda" introduce?

The original Zelda game was the first console game to offer a save feature, complete with battery backup, allowing kids to save their progress and continue in the game without interruption.


What color was the original "Legend of Zelda" NES cartridge?

"The Legend of Zelda" sported a shiny gold cartridge — though a few later versions came in classic gray.


In what fictional land does "The Legend of Zelda" take place?

The Zelda franchise is set is the kingdom of Hyrule, which is occupied by an elf-like people known as the Hylians.


Who is the main antagonist in "The Legend of Zelda?"

Link sets out on a quest to bring down the evil king Ganon, who has broken free of the Dark World to wreak havoc on Hyrule.


What ancient artifact does Link try to recover in the game?

In "The Legend of Zelda," Link must recover the Triforce of Wisdom.


How many pieces of the Triforce must Link recover in "The Legend of Zelda?"

Zelda managed to break the Triforce into 8 pieces, which she hid throughout Hyrule. Link must recover all 8 pieces to restore the Triforce.


What is the name of Zelda's beloved nursemaid?

Impa is not only Zelda's nursemaid, but also her sworn protector — and more importantly, she's the one who gets Link started on his quest.


What is the name of Link's horse?

Epona helps Link travel more quickly in later Zelda games, including "Ocarina of Time" and "Oracle of Seasons."


What magical instrument does Link rely on in the original "Legend of Zelda" game?

Link's magic flute gives him special powers, allowing him to shrink enemies, open locked doors and travel at warp speed.


You can complete the entire "Legend of Zelda" game without ever finding Link's sword.

While it's possible to complete almost the whole game without locating the sword, you will need the sword to beat Ganon, the final boss.


What is the name of the people who live on Death Mountain?

The Gorons occupy Death Mountain, which is also home to the evil king Ganon.


Princess Zelda is named after Zelda Fitzgerald.

Zelda is named after Zelda Fitzgerald — wife of famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Which Zelda games forces Link to relive the same three days over and over until the game is complete.

In "Legend of Zelda: Majorca's Mask," Link spends three very long days trapped in Termina, an alternate version of Hyrule.


Which game is a prequel to "The Legend of Zelda?"

In the Zelda prequel "A Link to the Past," Link must defeat the magician Agahnim.


What is the best-selling game in the Zelda series as of 2015?

With more than 7.6 million copies sold, "Ocarina of Time" for the N64 is the top-selling Zelda game.


Is "Ocarina of Time" set before or after "The Legend of Zelda?"

"Ocarina of Time" takes place before "The Legend of Zelda" in the Zelda chronology.


What is the fastest that someone has ever officially completed "The Legend of Zelda" game?

In February 2015, a player beat "The Legend of Zelda" in 30 minutes, 6 seconds — minus the Second Quest, of course.


What superpower does the Minish Cap give Link?

The Minish Cap allows Link to shrink down and explore the miniature world of Minish.


Which of the following is NOT one of the 8 spells in "The Legend of Zelda?"

The original 8 spells in "The Legend of Zelda" include Fairy, Fire, Jump, Life, Reflect, Shield, Spell and Thunder.


Which of the following is the most powerful sword in "Ocarina of Time?"

The Kokiri Sword is the default sword used by Link, who must work his way up to the powerful Biggoron's Sword.


What is the name of Link's boat in "Wind Waker?"

The King of Red Lions carries Link across the seas to complete his quest in "Wind Waker."


What is the name of the fierce female pirate in "Wind Waker?"

After Link rescues the pirate Tetra from the Forest of Fairies, she allows him to sail along in her pirate ship.


Who is the final boss in "Skyward Sword?"

Link must race Demise — a mega-sized boss with fiery hair — to complete his quest in "Skyward Sword."


What must Link do to return home in "Link's Awakening?"

Link must awaken the Wind Fish to escape from the island of Koholint and return home.


What type of instrument is an ocarina?

An ocarina is an ancient wind instrument, similar to a flute.


What is the name of the rabbit-like monsters in "The Legend of Zelda?"

The creatures known as Pols Voice are easy to defeat using an arrow, but harder to kill with a sword. In versions of the game with a built-in microphone, they can also be destroyed with sound.


What are the knights called in the dungeons in "The Legend of Zelda?"

Darknuts are knights that come in red or blue and can only be found in dungeons in the original Zelda game.


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