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About This Quiz

Millions and millions of people are born under the same sign, so it's no wonder reading a generic horoscope can leave you feeling a little unfulfilled. In a world full of identities, it's unfortunate to be labeled like all the rest that share your birthday month. Skip the generalizations with this quiz! Your reward will be finding out something about yourself that you might not know. 

Astrology is a science to some and a religion to others. No matter where your beliefs on the subject stand, your horoscope serves as a daily bit of motivation. While it's great to have affirmations geared toward some of your traits, it's essential to dig deeper into the starfield of your thoughts. Once we get to know more about the way you see the zodiac itself, your stars will shine brighter than before. 

Open up like the clouds during a rainstorm, and tell us how you feel about the concept of the zodiac itself, your relationship with your sign and your spiritual nature. Our algorithm might not be a trained astrologer, but it calculates traits and relationships better than anyone other than since Plato. What do you think your zodiac quiz answers will say about you? 

Do you check your yearly horoscope?

Which one of these zodiac animals would you like as a pet?

Would you rather have an astrological reading or a tarot card reading?

Why are those born under the sign of Aquarius so captivating?

If you picture yourself as an element, which one would it be?

Taurus or Virgo? Which sign makes the best kind of friend?

Do you match up with your sign's description?

Where would you rank yourself on the scale of spirituality?

Out of the Chinese zodiac signs, which one would you want to have lunch with?

If you could rule a zodiac planet, which one would you choose?

Can you tell when Mercury is in retrograde?

Based on reputation alone, which sign would you never date?

Is it really possible to predict things using the stars?

In a relationship, how important is it to be astrologically compatible?

When you look at the stars, can you find your sign's constellation?

Do you usually heed the advice your horoscope gives you?

What do you like most about those born under the sign of Gemini?

Which of the seasons does your birthday occur in?

What trait might you share with a Virgo?

When people say the zodiac is hogwash, what do you think?

If you could come back as a Sagittarius, would you?

Why do you think people find astrology so fascinating?

Do you have a favorite website where you get your horoscope?

In your opinion, which one of the signs has the worst temper?

Are you a fan of the philosophy that your destiny is written in the stars?

Why do you think that Pisces make such good friends?

Do you find psychics or astrologers more accurate?

How closely have you studied astrology?

Do you wish you were born under another sign?

Which of your traits do you get from your star sign?

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