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Hanging your pictures in a straight line or cutting a straight piece of wood can be very frustrating. A laser level can make the job a lot easier. Laser levels come with various features and prices range from as little as $20 to a few thousand, depending on what you need. Take this quiz to find out about laser levels.

When is a laser level better than a traditional level?

A laser level is good for tasks that require leveling over a large distance. They can be placed on a tripod or even stuck to the wall, depending on the model, which leaves your hands free when both are needed for the task at hand.


Who uses laser levels?

Laser levels were once used only by construction workers. Today they are affordable and there are various models available for different purposes, making them accessible and user-friendly for everyone, not just civil engineers and concrete layers. Framers also use laser levels to ensure proper alignment of windows and doors.


What type of light is used in a laser level?

A laser level uses an LED (light emitting diode). Laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Basically, when electrons are stimulated they produce light. This light is amplified by mirrors or prisms that collect it into a single laser beam.


What size beam is the best for a laser level?

The smaller the beam the better, since it will be more precise. A wider beam makes it harder to pinpoint the level, since the level can be anywhere within the beam.


What was a limitation of the first laser levels?

The first laser levels had a weak beam, which limited it to indoor use. Laser levels have developed since then and can now be used indoors or outdoors.


What color beams do laser levels emit?

Most lasers emit a red beam, but new lasers have been created with a green beam that is 400 percent brighter than a red beam. However, green beams require more power so battery life is shortened and red lasers are generally more accurate over a range of temperatures.


How are laser levels powered?

Laser levels use rechargeable or alkaline batteries.


What precautions do you need to take when using laser levels?

Laser beams can harm your eyes if you look directly at them, so wear safety goggles when using laser.


What does the term "level" refer to in builders' language?

Level refers to a straight horizontal line. Plumb refers to a straight vertical line and square refers to the intersection of two lines that create a right angle.


How do manual laser levels ensure that the level is straight?

Manual laser levels have a bubble inside a vial which lines up with markers inside the vial if the laser level is straight.


When are self-leveling units useful?

Self-leveling units work best on a surface that is already close to being level, since they offer a greater degree of accuracy.


What were laser levels originally used for?

Steve Orosz invented laser leveling technology in 1996 for use in cardiac monitoring.


Which is the simplest type of laser level?

A point generator shoots a laser dot and can sometimes incorporate a line generator. It is the simplest type of laser level.


How does a line level allow for easier use outdoors or in bright spaces?

A line laser has pulsing light technology that works with a light detector, which makes it good for bright areas.


What additional technology do some laser levels come with these days?

Some laser levels are equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, which can transmit dimensions to a handheld computer. This provides instant information about the site being worked on.


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