Quiz: Kyle Busch Quiz
Kyle Busch Quiz
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Kyle Busch is a very talented racecar driver. Test your knowledge on Kyle Busch with this quiz at HowStuffWorks.

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After leaving Rousch Racing, Kyle Busch signed with which racing company?
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What year did Kyle Busch achieve the title, "Rookie of the Year"?
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At the age of 18, Kyle finished in what place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during his first start in the series?
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Which family member was Kyle Busch's biggest inspiration when it came to racecar driving?
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What car did Kyle Busch drive during the 2008 NASCAR season?
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What Team did Kyle Busch drive for during the 2008 NASCAR season?
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Kyle set the series record for youngest pole winner and youngest race winner in which series?
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On February 23, 2009, Kyle made history with two victories on the same day. The victories were in which two series?
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