Quiz: Do You Know If These Garden Bugs Are Helpful or Harmful?
Do You Know If These Garden Bugs Are Helpful or Harmful?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: image4you / Pixabay

About This Quiz

Time to bug out! These buzzing, creeping and crawling garden visitors are sure to get under your skin!

Gardeners can look forward to some bugs helping their garden to thrive. These tiny creatures play important roles in pollination, improving soil and, of course, controlling the number of pesky pests which can wreak havoc on garden plants.

Truth be told, some bugs are only harmful at certain stages of their development. For instance, many adult moths are not directly harmful to plants, but their larvae are some of the most notoriously destructive pests which gardeners have to deal with. These wriggly critters munch away at an incredible rate on delicious leaves and prized fruits and vegetables.

Many gardeners actively try to attract good bugs to their plants while trying to keep nasty bugs out, Some of the good guys spread pollen, and in so doing they contribute to how well plants bear fruits and seeds. Some of them dig through the soil, helping roots to flourish while adding much-needed nutrients to the soil. Among the most important ones are those which give the gardener a natural and chemical-free way of ridding the garden of pests by preying on them.

Expert gardeners are able to recognize and differentiate between bugs on sight - can you? If you can, then get started on the quiz!

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Are ladybugs useful or a hindrance in a garden?
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Which label fits how ground beetles perform in a garden?
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Are aphids good or bad visitors to have in your garden?
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Are minute pirate bugs beneficial for or harmful to a garden?
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What effect does the corn earworm usually have on gardens?
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Is the green lacewing a good or bad garden bug?
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Is the squash vine borer a good or bad garden visitor?
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What effect will the Colorado potato beetle typically have on potato plants?
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Is the aphid midge a helpful bug or a hindrance in growing your garden?
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Is the butterfly a helpful or harmful garden visitor?
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What kind of guest does the tomato hornworm make in your garden?
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Is the cucumber beetle beneficial or a hindrance to gardeners?
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Which effect will the cutworm have on your garden?
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Is the damsel bug a benefit or a detriment to plants in your garden?
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What is the best way to describe the cabbage looper’s effect on your plants?
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What type of guest does the bee make in your garden?
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What kind of guest will the mealybug be in your garden?
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Are scale insects good for or detrimental to a garden?
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Can you say whether the flea beetle is a harmful or helpful bug to gardens?
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Is the braconid wasp a benefit or detriment to garden plants?
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What effect do praying mantises have in a garden?
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Is the Mexican bean beetle a helpful or harmful garden bug?
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Are spiders naughty or nice to your garden?
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Are soldier beetles among the good guys or bad guys in a garden?
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How would you describe the spider mite’s presence in your garden?
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Is the tachinid fly helpful or harmful in a garden?
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Is the hoverfly a good or bad bug to have in your garden?
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What do most people think of snails in their garden?
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Is the dung beetle good or bad for your garden plants?
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What kind of garden guests are bumblebees?
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Is the tarnished plant bug viewed as helpful or harmful by gardeners?
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What effect do slugs typically have on a garden?
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Do assassin bugs help or hurt your garden?
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Does the Japanese beetle have a good or bad effect on garden plants?
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Do spined soldier bugs harm or help your garden?
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What treatment do earthworms give to a garden?
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What effect do earwigs tend to have on a garden?
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How would you describe the effect of whiteflies on a garden?
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What is the cabbage maggot’s effect on garden plants?
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Do dragonflies help or harm a garden?
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