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There's no limit to the number of gadgets and doodads that can clutter up your kitchen, from the must-haves to the "why did I buy that?" items. Take our quiz to see if you can identify these culinary gizmos!

Which of the following would you use a kitchen mandoline for?

A mandoline is a handy kitchen tool for cutting veggies into neat, even slices with ease.

When the earliest slow cooker hit the market, what was it designed to cook?

The earliest slow cooker was the Naxon Beanery, which came out in the 1950s. It found mainstream success after it was rebranded the Crock-Pot and sold 3.7 million units in 1975 alone.

True or false: The lazy Susan was invented in the 20th century.

This handy kitchen server dates back to at least the 1720s, though it didn’t get its sluggish name until around 1917.

Which of the following would you use a zester to do?

A zester is a slender grater with very fine holes, making it the perfect tool for grating the skin of lemons and limes.

What is a salad spinner designed to do?

A salad spinner uses centrifugal force to dry greens, which keeps them from wilting and allows dressing to stick more easily.

What do you call a baking pan with a fluted center and a round, turbanlike shape?

The Bundt pan, which hit store shelves in the 1950s, allows you to create round cakes with holes in the center.

Which of these typically requires the use of a colander?

A colander is a large, perforated bowl, making it the perfect tool for draining pasta after boiling.

What is a percolator used to make?

A percolator is a covered pot with boiling water in a central tube and is used to brew coffee.

What food was the raclette grill originally designed to cook?

A raclette grill is technically designed for cooking cheese, which is then served over meat, bread or veggies. The term has recently been used to describe any electric grill that can be used in the home or on camping trips.

True or false: A ramekin is a baking dish of any size that can be used safely in the oven.

A ramekin is a small bowl with steep sides that is designed to hold a single serving of food.

Which of these would you use a spiralizer to make?

A spiralizer transforms vegetables into long, ribbonlike curls that can be used in place of pasta noodles.

What type of whisk should you use to make your cream extra fluffy?

A round, or balloon, whisk adds air to cream or eggs, while flatter whisks are perfect for making sauces.

What is a kitchen mortar?

The mortar and pestle is an ancient tool used for food prep. The mortar is a small bowl, while the pestle is a heavy stick used for mashing, crushing and grinding.

True or false: The silicone used to make kitchen tools and utensils has been around since the 1940s.

While silicone trays and mats may seem like modern inventions, they were actually developed for commercial use way back in the 1940s by Frederic Kipping.

When did the first stand mixers hit store shelves?

The stand mixer, which wedding site The Knot calls the most registered-for item, has been around since 1919.

Where did the Splayd originate?

The Splayd — a utensil that combines a knife, fork and spoon into a single unit — originated in Australia in 1943. In less than 50 years, more than 4.75 million had been sold around the world.

What does a SaladShooter do?

Created in 1988, the SaladShooter quickly slices and shreds fruit and veggies to simplify salad-making.

What action does a springform pan make unnecessary?

A springform pan allows you to remove a cake from the pan without flipping it upside down, making it ideal for cheesecakes.

Why do onions make you cry?

Onions release a chemical irritant called syn-propanethial-S-oxide, which stimulates tears. If this bothers you, pick up a pair of Onion Goggles to protect your eyes.

Which of the following do you need an aerator for?

An aerator allows oxygen to infuse with wine, improving the flavor.

When would you be likely to use a trivet?

A trivet is a metal plate designed to protect countertops and tables from hot dishes and is often used when serving food.

True or false: Mezzaluna is a moon-shaped pasta.

A mezzaluna, Italian for "half-moon," is a crescent-shaped knife with handles at both ends.

Which of the following would most likely require a spurtle?

Originally from Scotland, the spurtle is a thick stick that is useful for stirring porridge, stews and sauces.

What type of egg would be the most likely to be served in an egg cup?

A soft-boiled egg is typically served in an egg cup, which holds the egg upright and in place so you can access the creamy yolk inside.

What amazing result does the kitchen gadget the Golden Goose promise to deliver?

This gadget, which launched a Kickstarter page in 2014, promises to scramble eggs in the shell. When you remove the shell, the egg holds its shape and has a golden color throughout.

Low on iron? Toss one of these in your soup pot.

A simple iron fish boiled in water or soup for 10 minutes can provide 75 percent of an adult's daily iron needs. While it's less common in developed countries, this handy gadget is changing lives in the developing world.

Why does brown sugar typically harden?

Exposure to air causes brown sugar to harden as the crystals cement themselves together. Pick up a brown sugar saver, a ceramic disk that softens the sugar, to add moisture and salvage your sugar,

Which of these would most likely require the use of a reamer?

A reamer is a simple, bulb-shaped utensil that makes quick work of juicing citrus fruits.

What does a corn zipper do?

A corn zipper promises to remove kernels from the cob for those in a hurry to chow down.

True or false: A French press grinds coffee beans.

A French press may be an excellent tool for brewing coffee, but it requires that you grind the beans first.

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