Kill a Day at Ikea and We'll Tell You Which HGTV Star You Are

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Ikea is like the Disney World of retail. You can get lost, they serve food, and you for sure are going home with more than just memories, even if they can't fit in your car. It's one of those places that you make a day out of because you can't spend less than a few hours there. And since they don't have locations close to everyone, you might have to drive a bit to get to one. But it's so worth it when you think about what you get out of it, and we're not just talking about the Swedish meatballs.

You know who else would love Ikea? HGTV stars. It's the perfect place for one-stop shopping if you're looking to revamp a room or a whole house. The best part? It all comes at a fairly reasonable price. That means that no matter your budget, you're bound to find something, or multiple things, you can afford at Ikea. There's such a variety of style, too, that you never feel limited to have to decorate the way Ikea wants you to. You can take inspiration from your favorite HGTV star and make it happen. So which one are you? Kill a day at Ikea and we'll tell you!

You've just arrived at the mecca. How long do you drive around searching for the best parking spot?

Did you make sure to bring the big car for all of the inevitable stuff you're going to buy?

What's the first thing you're hitting up when you walk inside?

Do you actually have anything that you need to get?

Did you set a budget for your Ikea trip today?

Are you bringing anyone to Ikea with you?

You're going to need some fuel for this trip. What are you getting to snack on?

Do you know the path you want to take around the store?

You've found yourself in the dining/kitchen section. What are you picking up?

What else catches your eye from the kitchen displays?

Who doesn't love new bedding? Which duvet cover are you going with for your bedroom?

Do you need sheets, too?

Have you gotten anything yet that needs to be put together?

Are you buying one of Ikea's tool kits or relying on the Allen wrench provided?

Have you gotten lost yet?

Your appetite is getting the best of you, so it's time to hit the food court. What are you eating?

It just hit you that you need a gift for a baby shower. What are you getting from the cutest section of the store?

When it comes to storage, what's the ideal style for you?

You have hardwood floors, but you want to protect them with a rug. Which one suits your lifestyle the best?

While you don't need a new couch, it sure is fun to look. Which one catches your eye?

Are you also staying in the sofa section so you can grab a seat and take a rest?

What's next on your Ikea agenda?

If you're heading to the decorations section, which item is definitely going in your cart?

You're not heading back to college, but sometimes they have cheaper stuff in that section. Which dorm room-inspired item would you want in your home?

Have you taken a trip to the bathroom displays yet?

You don't really need anything new for your bathroom, but what do you want?

How long are you willing to spend in Ikea before you've had enough?

It's time to head down to collect your pieces! Can you find them on your own?

Do you need to play a little game of Tetris to make it all fit in your car?

How ready to go home are you after a full day at Ikea?

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