Quiz: The Ultimate Kids Room Decorating Quiz
The Ultimate Kids Room Decorating Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Want to decorate your kids’ rooms? Take our quiz and learn how to decorate the ultimate kid's bedroom for your little prince or princess.

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What is the first and foremost factor to take into consideration when decorating your kid's room?
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To prevent your little pride and joy from going bungee jumping, how many inches below the guardrails should the mattress on a top bunk bed be?
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If I want to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere for my overworked and overstressed child, what are the best paint colors to choose?
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Ranging from the largest amount to the smallest amount, in what amounts should paint colors be used?
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How often should you replace a mattress?
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What is a good choice of desk for a child who uses the computer extensively for homework?
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Safety alert. The walls in my child's room are painted in a lead-based paint. What is the safest way to deal with it when redecorating?
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What is the best tool to use when painting woodwork and rough textured surfaces?
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When painting with a roller, how much paint should you fill the roller with?
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I am attempting to paint my kid's bedroom! In what direction should I be painting?
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How many people does it take to wallpaper a wall?
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What are the ideal materials for a rug in a child's room?
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