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Kids love the iPad. So, if you have one, you might as well stock it up with some apps that are both educational and fun for your kids. Show us how much you know about some app favorites for kids.

How fast can a kid learn to use an iPad app?

Moving from novice to mastery occurs quickly with age-appropriate apps.


What is the earliest age children can begin using iPad apps?

Empirical evidence indicates that children as young as 6 months of age can effectively interact with the iPad.


How do kids use the PBS Kids' Build A Word app?

Kids string letters together by touching them and then dragging them into place.


What happens when a child successfully builds a word in Build A Word?

The word morphs into a talking animation.


How many piano keys can you access using The Pianist app?

The Pianist allows a user to play all four octaves (88 keys) on its virtual keyboard.


Can you record what you play using The Pianist app?

Children can listen to their own playing over and over using the record feature.


How many octaves on The Pianist can be displayed on-screen at once?

Up to four. Options allow users to change the number of octaves displayed on-screen at any given moment.


iTot Toddler Flashcards learning is reinforced with what?

The sounds keep kids entertained as they learn.


Why do many parents and caregivers use the iPad to help children with autism?

A nonverbal child can point to an image of milk, or even show clothes preferences, using iPad apps.


What sorts of videos does WeetWoo! provide?

The six categories include Animals, People, Places, Fun Shows, Learn and Music. These videos are vetted by editors and parents.


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