Quiz: Kids and Brushing Quiz
Kids and Brushing Quiz
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Do you know the necessities of premium dental hygiene are? They start from the time we are teething toddlers to our aging elder years.

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At what age should kids head to the dentist for the first time?
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How long should the average teeth-brushing session last?
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Once your kid can hold a toothbrush, you can turn him loose to develop his teeth-brushing skills.
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Kids should brush thoroughly after consuming which of the following?
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How much toothpaste should the typical child's brush have on it?
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You should avoid brushing your teeth after:
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How should toothbrush bristles be angled to have the best effect on your pearly whites?
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How can you make sure you're brushing your teeth long enough?
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What parts of your mouth need to be brushed?
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What are the common symptoms of gingivitis?
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Kids and adults don't need to see the dentist unless they feel cavity pain.
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