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In a very short time, Kickstarter has revolutionized the music, film and art world with a new way of raising money for small creative projects. Test your knowledge of this upstart start-up with our exhaustive quiz.

In what year was Kickstarter launched?

Although the concept has been kicked around since 2002, Kickstarter was officially launched on April 28, 2009 in Brooklyn, N.Y. by co-founders Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler.


What was the name of the very first project posted on Kickstarter?

The first project, posted by Kickstarter staffer, was a proposal for a book about New York composed of pictures submitted by 100 New Yorkers. It reached its $3,000 funding goal.


How much total funding has Kickstarter helped to raise for creative projects since its launch?

By August 2011, Kickstarter had successfully funded 10,626 projects for a total of more than $75 million.


Which of the following is NOT a category that Kickstarter includes in its definition of a "creative project?"

Any project that falls outside of Kickstarter's definition of a "creative" endeavor will not be posted on the site.


True or False: To post a project on Kickstarter, simply register, complete your profile and start collecting donations.

The Kickstarter staff must approve all project proposals before you can create a project profile on the site.


Which of the following proposals WOULD be approved under Kickstarter's project guidelines?

Kickstarter rejects projects that ask users to pay for tuition or rent, and projects must be proposals for a product, not simply a sales pitch for an existing product.


What is the popular term for services like Kickstarter that help solicit funding from many anonymous users?

Crowdfunding is a twist on crowdsourcing, or the use of many people (usually strangers) to complete a project.


What was the name of the 10,000th successfully funded project on Kickstarter?

Kickstarter tallied its 10,000th fully funded project on July 6, 2011 with this $800 project from a Toledo, Ohio-based band.


How does Kickstarter make money?

Kickstarter gets no money if the project doesn't reach its funding goal. But if it does, Kickstarter takes 5 percent.


How many Kickstarter projects have been funded, in part, by Kickstarter staff members?

Co-founder Perry Chen has backed some 125 Kickstarter projects alone. The total is 2,168.


What percentage of successfully funded Kickstarter projects fall into the two categories of Music and Film & Video?

At 60 percent of projects funded, music and film projects are the backbone of the Kickstarter community.


Which creative category has produced the LEAST amount of fully funded projects?

Only 119 fashion projects have been successfully funded, compared with 3,110 music projects.


What Kickstarter project holds the record for the highest pledge total at $942,578?

The watch band project, launched by a small Chicago design firm, started out with a funding goal of $15,000, but grabbed over 13,000 backers for a total of almost a million dollars.


What percentage of successfully funded projects exceed their original funding goal?

A success rate of 94 percent is impressive, but when you consider that $503 technically exceeds a $500 funding goal, maybe it isn't such a big deal.


As of July 2011, how many Kickstarter projects failed to reach their funding goal?

According to that stat, provided by Kickstarter, the number of failed projects slightly outnumbers the successful ones.


What is the most popular donation level on Kickstarter?

The $25 pledge represents 18.41 percent of the donations made on Kickstarter.


Donations under $25 represent a combined 38 percent of the pledges made on Kickstarter, but what percentage do those pledges contribute to the total dollar amount received?

This 10-percent discrepancy leads some Kickstarter users to believe that small pledge levels aren't worth the trouble.


What is the funding goal range that has been the most successful on Kickstarter?

If you want to taste Kickstarter success, it's best to keep things small, at $1,000 to $5,000.


How many employees work at Kickstarter?

The small Kickstarter offices have 25 staffers and are on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


How many Kickstarter projects have been successfully funded at levels beyond $100,000?

Some 23 six-figure projects have gotten funding via Kickstarter. Not bad for a bunch of strangers chipping in their spare change.


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