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The great state of Kentucky is not exactly on the East Coast, but it isn't totally in the South either. With it's Appalachian trails and its fascinating history, Kentucky is a great place to visit when if you're looking to avoid big-city life. Take our quiz to learn about the great experience you can have while traveling from West Virginia through Kentucky on the Wilderness Road Heritage Highway.

Which of these mountain ranges cuts through Kentucky?

The Appalachian Mountains cover a large portion of the eastern United States, including Kentucky.


Which of these pioneers scouted Kentucky?

Kentucky was considered no man's land until pioneers such as Daniel Boone scouted the area.


How long is Wilderness Road Heritage Highway?

You might not think 93 miles (150 kilometers) is very much, but as you make your way through Wilderness Road you'll discover just how much there is to see on this stretch of road.


How much time should you allow to enjoy the sights and sounds of this stretch of road?

Though the highway is only 93 miles long, you should leave yourself two days to enjoy all of the sights.


Through which state does Wilderness Road travel?

Wilderness Road Heritage Highway makes its way from Middlesboro to Berea, Kentucky.


Which are the best seasons to travel across Wilderness Road?

The Wilderness Road Heritage Highway is best seen during the summer and fall, when the leaves are bright and colorful.


How long is the hiking trail at Daniel Boone National Forest?

The Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail at Daniel Boone National Forest continues for 269 miles (433 kilometers)!


Which fast food chain has a museum in Kentucky?

The Colonel Sanders Café and Museum, in the city of Corbin, Kentucky, memorializes the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


What was Colonel Sanders's first name?

Harland Sanders, known to all as "The Colonel," developed the recipe that put KFC on the map.


In which year did Harland Sanders develop his famous recipe?

Colonel Sanders's recipe has been around a long time -- since 1940!


In which town will you find the P-38 museum?

The P-38 Lost Squadron Museum, in the town of Middlesboro, commemorates the WWII-era P-38 Lightning fighter.


What is a P-38?

A WWII-era P-38 airplane was found under an ice cap in Greenland, and is now featured at the Lost Squadron Museum.


How deep in the ice was the P-38 found in Greenland?

It's quite surprising that anyone noticed anything 268 feet (82 meters) into the ice, but that's where the P-38 was found!


What is the name of the pioneer who discovered Cumberland Gap?

Dr. Thomas Walker is credited with exploring Kentucky, and discovering Cumberland Gap many years before the explorations of Daniel Boone.


Which of these natural resources is found in the area of the Wilderness Highway?

The area around Wilderness Highway is replete with coal, and the coal industry continues to be a major component of the economy.


Bramwell Presbyterian Church was patterned after a cathedral from which of these countries?

Bramwell Presbyterian Church, which was patterned after a Welsh cathedral, is a very popular stop on a tour of the city.


At its peak, how many millionaires lived in Bramwell, West Virginia?

Bramwell, West Virginia, with its many coal barons, was once the wealthiest town, per capita, in the United States. At one time 14 millionaires lived in the small West Virginia community.


In which year did the Bank of Bramwell go bust?

Bank of Bramwell was one of the many victims of the Great Depression. By 1933 the bank was broke; now it's a popular tourist stop in the city of Bramwell.


How long is the tour of Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine?

Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine strives to provide as real an experience as one can have. Its tour of nearly 1,500 feet (457 meters) of tunnels allows participants to learn what it was really like to be a miner in the early 1900's.


How far below ground is the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine?

At 500 feet below ground, Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine is as real as it gets!


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