Quiz: The Ultimate Kennel Cough Quiz
The Ultimate Kennel Cough Quiz
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About This Quiz

If your dog gets up close and personal with other dogs, it may be a candidate for the kennel cough vaccine. Ask your veterinarian if your dog would benefit from this vaccine. Take this quiz to learn about the dangers of kennel cough.

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What type of germ spreads kennel cough?
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What germ may tag along with bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica?
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What are the symptoms of kennel cough?
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How do dogs catch kennel cough?
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If your dog has been infected with kennel cough, how long will it take for the symptoms to appear?
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Are there prescription drugs to treat kennel cough?
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If your dog has a green or yellow nasal discharge, what should you do?
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How long may the kennel cough last?
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What dog breeds are more likely to pick up kennel cough?
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At what age are dogs are more likely to develop an illness?
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What can you do to prevent kennel cough?
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How often must dogs be revaccinated for kennel cough?
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What other animals can be infected with kennel cough?
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How often do dogs die from kennel cough?
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How is the kennel cough vaccine administered?
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Why should immunocompromised people be careful around pets with kennel cough?
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How long does the vaccination take to be effective?
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What is the adult form of kennel cough?
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