Quiz: Ultimate KenKen Quiz
Ultimate KenKen Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Do you slaughter the daily Sudoku grid? Turn crossword puzzles into carnage? See how much you know about one of the newest strategy-based brain teaser games called KenKen.

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Who invented KenKen puzzles?
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KenKen is similar to what other popular puzzle?
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What does the name "KenKen" mean?
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Do you need to have a lot of math skills to solve a KenKen puzzle?
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What is the name of the computer program that creates KenKen puzzles?
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In which newspaper did KenKen puzzles first appear daily?
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Which company began marketing KenKen worldwide?
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Which was the first American magazine to run KenKen puzzles?
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Which U.S. puzzle guru helped popularize KenKen?
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What grid sizes are used in KenKen puzzles?
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What are the outlined boxes within the puzzles called?
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Which numbers are used to solve a 4-by-4 puzzle?
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KenKen creator Tetsuya Miyamoto runs a popular year-long weekend class that accepts how many students?
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How many puzzles can you play each day at KenKen.com?
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