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Floods cause tremendous amounts of home damage, so preventing the damage ahead of a flood's arrival is one of the most important preparations to make. What methods are available, and what would work best for your home? Take this quiz to find out.

Where do floods rank in terms of frequency among natural disasters that damage homes in the United States?

Since a flood can result from a host of causes, they are the most common regardless of the area in which homes are located.


What term applies to an area that is highly prone to flooding?

Floodplains are typically found near rivers, lakes or other bodies of water. These bodies of water supply the source material that floods these areas.


In a 20-year floodplain, what is the probability that the area will flood in the year following a first flood?

The figure refers to the probability of flooding in consecutive ideas, not the years between floods on average.


About how much damage can an inch of floodwater cause in a house?

If this much damage can be done with just an inch of floodwater, imagine how much can occur with more. The costs of the damage continue to rise along with the water level.


If major flooding is predicted for your area, which of these things should you do?

You should also turn off the electricity and gas in your house. While moving appliances out is not really feasible, you should at least raise those that are on the ground floor.


How can you easily see if your yard is graded effectively to prevent flooding?

It is certainly a good idea to clear all rain gutters and spouts, but this will not affect the grade of the yard. By checking, however, where rainwater gathers, you can see if it flows away from the house or gathers alongside it.


Ideally, how far from the house should rain spouts divert rain water?

The closer to your house the rainwater seeps into the ground, the more likely it is to flood around the foundation and cause damage.


How does dry flood proofing prevent water damage during a flood?

The main method of dry flood proofing involves using waterproofing materials, such as plastic or sealants, primarily around the foundation.


What is unique about wet flood proofing?

Instead of trying to fight nature, wet flood proofing lets nature run its course. Damage is minimized by keeping all valuable and/or vulnerable items away from the floodwaters.


What does a sump pump do?

Sump pumps usually work by gathering the water from around the basement into a sump pit before pumping it away. Sump means that the pit is low, and the pit is usually located at the lowest spot possible.


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