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Talk about tough as leather. Did you know, when it comes to his cowboy attire, Clint Eastwood wears the same boots in his Oscar award-winning role in "Unforgiven" 30 years after he wore them in "Rawhide?" Find out how much you remember about this groundbreaking TV series about the American West.

Which actor's first starring role was on "Rawhide?"

Clint Eastwood's acting break came with "Rawhide."

Who never appeared in an acting role on TV ever again?

Clint Eastwood never appeard in another TV role.

How old was Clint Eastwood when he played the character of Rowdy Yates?

Clint Eastwood was 28 when he began playing the character of Rowdy Yates.

How old was the character of Rowdy Yates supposed to be?

Although Clint Eastwood was 28, the character he played was supposed to be 19 years old.

What is the story of "Rawhide" about?

"Rawhide" is about a cattle drive, set in the 1860s.

What's the name of the trail boss?

Gil Favor is the trail boss.

Who played the lead role of trail boss Gil Favor?

Eric Fleming was cast as the trail boss, Gil Favor.

How did most episodes begin?

Most episodes began with a monologue from the trail boss, Gil Favor.

What was the name of the chuckwagon cook?

The cook's name was Wishbone.

What was Wishbone's full name?

Wishbone's actually his last name. His full name was George Washington Wishbone.

Which came first, the TV series or the book?

The TV show "Rawhide" aired in January 1959, but the book wasn't published until 1961 -- with Clint Eastwood and Eric Fleming on its cover.

Which "Rawhide" star recorded the 1958 novelty song, "Purple People Eater"?

Sheb Wooley, who played scout Pete Nolan, cut a novelty single in 1958 called "Purple People Eater."

Who originally recorded the theme song to "Rawhide?"

American singer and composer Frankie Laine originally recorded the "Rawhide" theme song.

Who from "Rawhide's" main cast is also the voice actor behind the "Wilhelm scream," used in more than 300 films, including the "Star Wars" series?

Sheb Wooley is the voice actor credited with recording the Wilhelm scream, a sound effect that's made its way into more than 300 movies and counting.

What was Mushy's full name?

Wishbone's assistant, Mushy, is legally, Harkness Mushgrove III.

With a trail boss, about a dozen drovers and a cook, how many wranglers were needed to drive a herd of 3,000 cattle along the Sedalia Trail?

One, and that was Jesús "Hey Soos" Patines.

Who was the first African American actor to be cast as a regularly-appearing cowboy?

Raymond St. Jacques played Simon Blake, making him the first black cowboy on a TV Western.

Who joined the cast when Eric Fleming left?

John Ireland joined the cast after Eric Fleming left.

How many episodes did Clint Eastwood direct?

Although Clint Eastwood's first directing attempts were for "Rawhide" trailers, he never directed an episode.

Which character had been a prisoner of war during the Civil War?

Early in the first season, we learn Rowdy, who joined the war at 16, spent time as a prisoner of war in a Union prison camp.

Which character had been a Confederate captain during the Civil War (which had ended just four years prior)?

Gil had been a captain in the Confederate army during the Civil War.

Rowdy's job is the ramrod. What is a "ramrod" on a cattle drive?

The ramrod is the foreman and usually the next-in-line for being in charge.

Which actor didn't appear as a guest star?

Burgess Meredith guest starred as a hangman. Marion Ross played a character named Flora. And Leslie Nielson guest starred on the same episode as Martin Landau.

"Rawhide" is the fifth-longest running TV Western. Once Gil and the guys begin their cattle drive in the first season, when do they reach their destination?

The initial cattle drive starts with Season 1 and reaches its destination during Season 3.

Who guest stars as a Civil War veteran addicted to morphine, in an episode called "Incident at the Top of the World?"

Robert Culp, who later stars in "I Spy" with Bill Cosby, played Civil War veteran and morphine addict Craig Kern.

"Rawhide" aired for how many seasons?

"Rawhide" lasted eight seasons, airing 217 episodes.

Which TV witch guest starred before she became bewitched?

Before her well-known role of witch Samantha Stephens on "Bewitched," Elizabeth Montgomery guest starred on an episode of "Rawhide."

The series' producer of "Rawhide" also produced episodes of what other Western TV series?

Charles Marquis Warren, producer of "Rawhide," also produced episodes of the Western-themed TV shows "Gunslinger," "Gunsmoke" and "The Virginian."

What award, for the Best Fictional Television Drama, did "Rawhide" receive from the Western Heritage Awards four times?

"Rawhide" was awarded a Bronze Wrangler for Best Fictional Television Drama from the Western Heritage Awards -- which celebrates the music, film, television and literature of the American West -- in 1961, 1962, 1964 and 1965.

"Rawhide" won an Emmy in which category?

"Rawhide" never won an Emmy award.

Which cast member passed on an offer to star in the Western film "A Fistful of Dollars" before Clint Eastwood was cast in the role?

Clint Eastwood's "Rawhide" co-star, Eric Fleming ("Gil Favor"), passed on Sergio Leone's Western "A Fistful of Dollars."

Who is the character of Gil Favor based on?

Producer Charles Marquis Warren based the character of Gil Favor on a diary written by a trail boss named George C. Duffield, written in 1866 during a drive from San Antonio, Texas, to Sedalia, Missouri.

Who were the only two actors to appear throughout all eight seasons?

Clint Eastwood (as Rowdy) and Paul Brinegar (as Wishbone) were the only two actros to appear in all eight seasons.

In which season did the show begin filming in color?

"Rawhide" was always shot in black and white, never in color.

Which is a spinoff of "Rawhide?"

There was no spinoff from the TV show.

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