Quiz: Doodle a Yankee: The July 4th Quiz
Doodle a Yankee: The July 4th Quiz
By: Staff
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It’s time to show off your independence! And your patriotic knowledge about the Declaration of Independence, fireworks and hot dogs. Let’s hear it for more pomp and less circumstance!

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Which notable statesman told his wife that July 2nd was going to be the biggest U.S. holiday ever?
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What year did July 4th become a paid holiday for federal employees?
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How many signers of the original Declaration of Independence died on July 4th?
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What unusual way did revelers celebrate the birth of independence during the summer of 1776?
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What is the section of the Declaration of Independence that mentions “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" called?
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Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
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Which town hosts the oldest Fourth of July celebration in the United States?
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Name the July 4th beach celebration that honors all-American, farm-raised clams?
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What percentage of retail fireworks sales occur during the Fourth of July holiday?
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What year did Congress first authorize fireworks for use in Independence Day celebrations?
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Which U.S. President was born on July 4th?
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What’s the name of the Vietnam veteran who’s story was featured in the movie “Born on the Fourth of July"?
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What actor in “Born on the Fourth of July” was actually born on July 3rd?
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Which July 4th-themed movie holds the record for the using the most miniature models?
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Which patriotic song was originally created to mock American soldiers?
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What was Uncle Sam’s occupation?
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How many U.S. towns are named Freedom?
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What popular food is honored in the U.S. with an entire month of celebration every July?
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What food is consumed at one of the most popular eating contests in America on July 4th?
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