Quiz: Judi Dench: The actress who can play it all
Judi Dench: The actress who can play it all
By: Joan Howard
Image: TMDB

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And you can call me “M”! Or "Queen Elizabeth!" Or "Ophelia!" How much do you know about this Dame, Judith Olivia “Judi” Dench, and her many claims to fame?

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Where was Dench born?
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Who played the biggest role, influencing Dench to pursue acting?
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Why did Dench’s husband, Michael Williams, encourage Dench to star in the James Bond movies?
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What gift did Dench’s husband Michael give her every week?
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What role did Dench play in her first stage appearance?
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In Shakespeare’s "Hamlet," Dench played the role of Ophelia. What was the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia?
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In which 1999 movie did Dench work with her husband?
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What British TV sitcom did Judi and her husband star in?
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Television roles came into play for Dench in 1959 when she starred in what BBC Series?
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What part was Dench cast to play in the musical “Cats”?
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Who did Dench co-star with in “The Chronicles of Riddick”?
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In the movie "J. Edgar," what role did Dench play?
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What stage production featured Dench in a singing role?
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Which animated character has Dench voiced?
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There have been 24 Bond movies. How many did Dench star in?
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What was the first Bond movie Dench starred in as “M”?
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Who played James Bond in the first movie Dench starred in?
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Who played the role of “M” before Dench?
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Dench was never referred to as any name other than M on-screen until "Skyfall." What name was revealed?
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In what role did Dench have only an eight-minute performance?
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Dench’s first Academy Award nomination was for Best Actress in what movie?
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How did Dench feel about playing M?
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Which was the first movie Dench acted in, in 1964?
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Dench directed what TV production in 1989?
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Dench received an Academy Award nomination for which film?
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In the upcoming 2017 film, "Murder on the Orient Express," which famous male movie star will play the lead?
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What is the name of the book Dench authored in 2010?
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Who is sometimes mistaken for Dench?
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Dench's father was the resident doctor for which creative enterprise?
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What disease does Dench suffer from?
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Dench has a tattoo. On what part of her body is it found?
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