Which John Wayne Character Are You?

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Marion Robert Morrison, the man who would become John Wayne, was born in 1907 in the town of Winterset, Iowa, but when his family had to move due to his father's breathing problems, they ended up in Southern California, where the tall future film star would ultimately make his name. After a failed stint at farming in the desert, they moved to Glendale, where Wayne would do odd jobs for his father and others, and where he got the family dog that would give him his nickname, Duke, just like Indiana Jones! As fate would have it, he went to the University of Southern California where he played football and caught the eye of famous western film star Tom Mix, who got him his first on-set job. Wayne became close with directing legend John Ford while working on his sets, and the die was cast.

John Wayne often played imposing authority figures; men of passion, principle, and action. Wayne himself did not serve in World War II, which may have prompted him to become quite the political hawk, supporting the Vietnam War, and making World War II movies long into his career. A mixed bag, he was a difficult man as he got older, and he drank a lot, but his greatest contributions stand out more than his flaws.

So which John Wayne character do you most resemble? Ready your guns and saddle up for this quiz!

Which of these best sums up your morality?

Are you willing to engage your boss in a dispute?

How old are you?

Do you believe in the use of cruelty as a weapon?

Would you leave a friend in trouble?

Do you see your competition as equally human as you are?

Are you willing to try things over and over again, even when you only fail at them?

How many battles have you put in the past?

How likely are you to give up on something in which you've invested time?

Is an immoral enemy the only enemy worth taking on?

How much do you try to stay free of the fray?

How invested are you in an explicit philosophy?

Do you hold a grudge?

How emotionally invested are you in your work?

How many special skills do you have that relate to your job?

Do you have a calling?

How simple is your code these days?

How orderly is your life?

How good are you at telling stories?

Are you comfortable alone?

Do you see yourself as in service to something bigger?

What material things do you need to get by in life?

What do you see as your biggest flaw?

Do you have time for a family?

How much do you identify with your profession?

How well can you cope with the challenges of nature?

How would you like to go out of this world?

Does your anger simmer down with the passage of time?

What do you love most of all?

How politically conservative are you?

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