Quiz: John Basilone: Machine Gun Man
John Basilone: Machine Gun Man
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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Every conflict sees many men and women held up as examples of bravery under fire. But John Basilone was the real deal. He found a brotherhood with his men -- and he led them to blood-stained glory. How much do you know about Basilone and his wartime feats?

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John Basilone is best known as a hero in which war?
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He is still one of America's most-loved soldiers. In which branch of the military did Basilone serve?
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Basilone is one of the country's most famous soldiers. Where did he grow up?
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He enlisted in the Army long before the war. Where was he deployed?
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He left behind military life. What occupation did Basilone take up in Maryland?
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What was Basilone's nickname?
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Basilone was a competent leader who worked his way up the ranks. Which rank did he achieve?
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What level of education did Basilone achieve?
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When he was serving with the Army in the Philippines, Basilone became known for his prowess in which sport?
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Basilone enlisted with the Marines in large part because he wanted to get back to the Philippines. When his training was over, where did the Marines actually deploy him?
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The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. Where was Basilone sent to fight?
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The Marines launched Operation Watchtower, which was meant to attack the Japanese at which place?
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In October, Basilone was a key part of a Guadalcanal battle in which the Japanese were attempting to do what?
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About how many Japanese soldiers were sent to capture the airfield?
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What was John Basilone doing during the hard-fought battle?
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As the battle wore on, how many Marines were left standing with Basilone?
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During the battle, his machine guns jammed or ran out of ammo. Then what did Basilone do?
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Following his heroics at Guadalcanal, Basilone was promoted to Gunnery Sgt. Then what happened?
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Why did the military send one of its experienced combat veterans back to America?
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How did Basilone feel about selling war bonds for the military?
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Once his time as a bond salesman was up, what did Basilone decide to do?
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During his time at Camp Pendleton, what happened to Basilone?
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While at Camp Pendleton, Basilone asked to be deployed to a combat zone. Where was he sent?
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Basilone was sent onto the beaches during the very first day of the invasion of Iwo Jima.
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Basilone was killed in a battle on which island?
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His wife, Lena, got the news of Basilone's death on which day?
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Lena was a smart, pretty woman. How long after Basilone's death did she wait to remarry?
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Basilone was the only enlisted Marine during World War II to receive both the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross.
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How old was Basilone when he was killed in action?
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