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She's often hailed as one of the finest actresses of her generation. Jodie Foster has played nearly every imaginable role, from heartbroken hooker to action hero, and she almost always wins accolades for her efforts. How much do you know about Foster's diverse film resume?

In what year did Jodie Foster make her feature film debut?

Foster already had plenty of TV exposure as a child actor, but her first film debut came in 1972's "Napoleon and Samantha."


In addition to Foster, which other budding star had a role in "Napoleon and Samantha"?

Foster played the role of a little girl named Samantha who sets off looking for Danny, played by Michael Douglas. It was just the fifth film for Douglas.


Which of the following Foster films is a comedy?

1994's "Maverick" was a Western-themed comedy starring Foster and Mel Gibson. Foster's range allows her to play both intensely serious and hilariously funny roles.


In "The Beaver," Foster's character is married to a man played by which actor?

Foster is Meredith Black, who is married to Walter, played by Mel Gibson. Walter is a suicidal man who develops an alternate personality that takes the form of a beaver hand puppet.


During "Flightplan," Foster plays a character who loses what?

Foster awakens from a mid-flight nap to find that her daughter is missing. She spends the rest of the plane ride in a panic, attempting to find out what happened to her only child.


What job did Foster's character have in "Taxi Driver"?

In "Taxi Driver," Foster's character was a teenage prostitute. The acclaimed film also starred Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and Cybill Shepherd.


Foster was a supporting actor in "Inside Man." Which actor was NOT in this film?

Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn't part of the "Inside Man" cast. Foster helped this Spike Lee film get rave reviews.


Foster received an Academy Award nomination for her role in which 1994 film?

1994's "Nell" starred Foster as a young woman who grew up in isolation and must learn to interact with people from regular society. The film also starred Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson.


"Flightplan" received great reviews from critics.

The majority of professional reviewers didn't like "Flightplan," citing its reality-stretching premise. Those poor reviews didn't dent box office returns -- it grossed more than $220 million.


In "The Accused," Foster plays a woman who survives what event?

In "The Accused," Foster is Sarah, a woman who is sexually assaulted and must grapple with the emotional and legal fallout of the event. The movie also stars Kelly McGillis, of "Top Gun" fame.


For which film did Foster receive directing credit?

Foster starred in and directed "Little Man Tate." The film depicts Foster as the mother of an unusually smart boy struggling to adapt to normal society.


"Little Man Tate" was Foster's directorial debut. How did it perform at the box office?

Foster's debut went over well with critics and audiences alike. On a budget of $10 million, the film grossed about $25 million.


In addition to Foster, "The Beaver" did NOT star which actor?

Pine wasn't in this movie, but it did star Lawrence, along with the late Yelchin. "The Beaver" was a box office flop.


Foster appeared in how many different movies released in 1976?

1976 was a busy year for Foster -- she appeared in five different films that were released that year. Foster starred in 13 movies released in the 70s.


Who stars opposite of Foster in 1990's "Catchfire"?

In "Catchfire," Foster is a modern artist who witnesses a murder and winds up in a witness protection program. Dennis Hopper plays the mafia hitman tasked with finding her.


In "Contact," Foster plays a scientist who is searching for what?

In "Contact," Foster is Dr. Eleanor Arroway, a woman who is obsessed with the idea of extraterrestrial life. In the end, her persistence and belief pay off.


Who briefly plays the role of Foster's love interest in "Contact"?

Matthew McConaughey plays a devout Christian who has a fling with Foster. But Foster's scientific outlook eventually clashes with the religious perspective of McConaughey's character.


Foster was the star of 2007's "The Brave One,"' which is what sort of film?

"The Brave One" is a psychological thriller. Foster and her boyfriend are attacked by criminals -- and her lover dies. In revenge, she becomes a vigilante, gets a gun and stalks wrongdoers.


In what movie does Foster play the role of a woman named Clarice?

"The Silence of the Lambs" starred Anthony Hopkins as a vicious serial killer. He enjoyed toying with Clarice, a terrified but determined woman played by Foster.


1991's "The Silence of the Lambs" had a budget of only around $19 million. How much did it make at the box office?

"The Silence of the Lambs" was one of the scariest and most successful films of the 90s. It hauled in more than $270 million at theaters.


In "The Silence of the Lambs," for what organization does Foster's character work?

Foster plays Clarice Starling, an FBI agent who sets out to find a serial killer before he can claim another victim. Along the way, she must grapple with internal strife that threatens her own psychological well-being.


Foster starred in a 1988 romantic comedy titled "Stealing Home." Who played her love interest?

In "Stealing Home," Mark Harmon is a burned-out baseball player whose long-ago girlfriend (Foster) dies, causing him to reexamine his own life.


Which actress was originally cast in the lead role of "Panic Room"?

Nicole Kidman was onboard to play the panic-stricken mother in "Panic Room," but she suffered a physical injury. Foster stepped in to save the day, and the movie.


Foster stepped in to save "Panic Room" after Kidman was injured. Why was the movie's shooting delayed?

After just five weeks of filming, Foster realized that she was pregnant. Director David Fincher altered her wardrobe to hide the pregnancy as long as possible and then temporarily suspended shooting until after Foster gave birth.


As of 2016, Foster has been nominated for how many Academy Awards?

Foster is often regarded as one of the best American actresses of her generation. She's been nominated for four Oscars.


How many times has Foster won the Oscar for Best Actress?

Foster has been nominated for Best Actress three times. Twice, she's walked away with a little gold trophy.


In "Elysium," Foster plays a character who has what job?

In "Elysium," the Earth is essentially ruined, and the luckiest and wealthiest humans instead live on a space station. Foster plays the station's defense secretary who wants to protect her position at any cost.


For which film was Foster NOT nominated for Best Actress?

Foster gave a standout performance in 1976's "Taxi Driver." Her nomination that year wasn't for Best Actress -- it was for Best Supporting Actress (and she didn't win).


1997's "Contact" was a $90 million flop.

With a budget of $90 million, "Contact" was not an inexpensive film. But it more than paid for itself by grossing more than $170 million at the box office.


Which actress plays Foster's daughter in "Panic Room"?

Kristen Stewart plays the role of Foster's 11-year-old daughter. During a home invasion, the pair hides inside a "panic room" for safety. The movie was a hit at box offices.


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