Quiz: Jane Addams: Love is a Doing Word
Jane Addams: Love is a Doing Word
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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Jane Addams acted on her most honorable impulses and helped to create powerful tools for social change. How much do you know about Addams and her American crusades?

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Jane Addams was born in 1860. She was best known for doing what?
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What were the circumstances of Addams's family when she was a child?
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Jane's father died suddenly of appendicitis. How much money did she inherit from him?
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Addams was born with which physical problem?
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She was full of ideas for her future. What did Addams study in college?
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In the late 1880s, Addams was inspired to do what?
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Addams was a homosexual.
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What was the name of the settlement house that Addams helped to found?
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Hull House was associated with which church?
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How was the settlement house concept received in Chicago?
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In spite of her homosexuality, Addams actually married a man.
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The Hull House was a rundown property when Addams and Starr moved in. How did they manage to fix it up?
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Within two years, how many people were visiting Hull House each week?
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Addams said that there were three ethical principles driving settlement homes. What was NOT one of those principles?
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Hull House was especially geared towards which members of society?
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Addams was politically active during the time of Prohibition. What were her feelings on alcohol?
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As the Hull House developed, Addams and Starr began emphasizing which activities?
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The Hull House became a hub for what activity?
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In 1912, Addams published a book on which topic?
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In 1894, Addams became an inspector in charge of what?
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When Addams and Starr first opened Hull House, they saw it becoming a major, sprawling operation.
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Why was Addams expelled from the organization called Daughters of the American Revolution?
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After the U.S. entered World War I in 1917, how did Addams respond?
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Addams became the very first female American to win a Nobel Prize.
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What problem greatly affected Addams' health in 1926?
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When did Addams win the Nobel Peace Prize?
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