Quiz: The Bond ... James Bond Quiz
The Bond ... James Bond Quiz
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James Bond is about as iconic as a movie (and book) character can be. Grab your exploding pen and let's see how you do on the ultimate Bond quiz. You might earn your license to kill.

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How many actors have played James Bond on screen?
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Who was the last director to work with Sean Connery as James Bond?
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True or False: "From Russia With Love" was the first Bond movie to be released in theaters.
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In "Live and Let Die," the stuntman for Roger Moore broke a world record jumping what?
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What Bond movie was the basis for the very popular Nintendo 64 first-person player game?
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For which Bond movie did Duran Duran perform the theme song?
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True or False: Bond creator, author Ian Fleming, was a jet-setting womanizer just like the character he created.
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In "Octopussy," what does Roger Moore's Bond do when he comes face to face with a jungle tiger?
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Which actor was the oldest when he made his Bond debut?
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What did Roger Moore refuse to do in all of his Bond movies, leaving that work to his stuntmen?
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What unfortunate sound effect was added to the scene in "Octopussy" in which Bond swings from a vine in the jungle?
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Who was the first "Bond girl" to appear on the big screen?
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Who turned down the Bond role in the very beginning of the film franchise?
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What unique physical feature did Bond villain Dr. No have?
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Which Bond villain was known for throwing his deadly bowler hat at his enemies?
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In what movie did the villain Jaws speak his only words?
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What does Sean Connery wear in each of his Bond movies?
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What movie does Sean Connery list as his favorite in the Bond series?
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True or False: Maud Adams played the Bond girl role in Sean Connery's 1983 comeback "Never Say Never Again."
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What actor, who would later play Bond, first turned down a chance to audition in 1964 because he felt he was too young?
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The financial woes of what movie studio have delayed the production of the 23rd Bond film?
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Appearing in six official Bond films, the villain Blofeld is the head of what criminal organization?
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What was the last James Bond movie to win an Academy Award?
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How many times has a Bond film been nominated for an Academy Award?
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What was the only Bond theme song to reach No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard charts?
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Who performed the Bond song from 2008's "Quantum of Solace"?
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What singer performed more Bond theme songs than any other artist?
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What was the first Bond novel to be published?
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What TV spy series did Bond creator Ian Fleming have a hand in creating?
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