It’s Time to Find Out Your True Age Based on the Foods You Hate

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You need food to live, but that doesn't mean you have to love every food out there. Some people will try anything once and don't really have any aversions to certain foods. But for the picky eaters of the world, they have very specific tastes. Where do you fall on that scale? Maybe you have hated the same foods since you were a child, but perhaps you grew to hate certain foods. Have you ever thought about why you hate certain foods? There could be science backing it up, but it could also be from outside influence. 

Foods like pineapple, not even on pizza, just pineapple itself, are controversial because people say it feels like it's burning their tongue. That is a chemical in the pineapple that breaks down flesh. So, it definitely reacts with your tongue. People have an aversion to mushrooms because they are a fungus that grows in the dirt. That's a hard thing to get over to try and enjoy a particular food, especially if they're constantly told by others how gross it is. Having these ideas put in your head could definitely cause you to hate certain foods, and so could the foods off our childhood. If your mom or dad wasn't the best cook, you might hate a lot of things they made for you. Or maybe you feel like you haven't had good food since college. What's your true food age? Tell us all about the foods you hate, and we'll guess!

Of all the leafy greens, which one repulses you the most?

What's the best way to ruin macaroni and cheese?

Which of the below would you never eat for breakfast?

Join the hot debate! Is it a yes or a no to pineapple on pizza?

What would make you ragingly mad if you saw it in your lunchbox?

Would you rather eat fried chicken or chicken fried steak?

Do you agree with the statement that cilantro tastes like soap?

Where do you stand on raw fish?

In your food opinion, what's the only proper vessel for tacos?

Should the bread of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich be toasted?

When it comes to clam chowder, do you hate when there's bacon in it?

What's your least favorite thing about seafood?

If you went to someone else's house for dinner and they were serving hot dogs with mustard, would you eat it?

A lot of people hate yogurt. Do you?

Are tater tots pointless?

Would you choose to eat any other fruit over bananas?

Would you drink a glass of milk straight?

Kiwis have a mixed crowd of fans. Where do you stand?

Sometimes lamb can taste too metallic if not cooked right. Do you agree?

Maybe it's the texture or the taste of mayonnaise, but some people just can't stand it. Do you like it?

Raw mushrooms really freak people out. Do you react that way?

Which flavor of ice cream is just the worst?

A lot of foods are artificially flavored with fruit flavors. Which one is the worst?

Olives are salty, briny and a lot of people can't stand them. Do you enjoy them?

Vegetables get a bad rap, and some for good reason. Which one can you absolutely not stand?

Popcorn isn't really a controversial food, but how do you feel about it?

Raw onion can come on a little strong. Do you strongly dislike them?

What would you never be caught eating or drinking at a birthday party?

People love throwing dinner parties and serving intricate food. If you were to throw a party, what food would you never serve to guests?

What would you say is your ultimate, most hated food in existence?

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