Quiz: It's Huge: The Three Gorges Dam quiz
It's Huge: The Three Gorges Dam quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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The Three Gorges Dam wasn't just a construction project. It was a testament to a country's engineering know-how and cultural fortitude. But the dam came at a huge financial and social price. How much do you know about this enormous dam?

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The Three Gorges Dam is a huge dam that was built in which country?
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The dam was a monumental construction project. It began in 1994 and became fully operational when?
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True or false: The dam is the world's single largest hydropower project.
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The dam was built on the Yangtze River. What does "Yangtze" mean in English?
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What's the area around the reservoir like?
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True or false: Three Gorges Dam is the world's tallest dam.
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Three Gorges is not the only dam on the Yangtze River. How many TOTAL dams are there on this nearly 4,000-mile-long river?
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The Three Gorges Dam and its reservoir displaced a lot of Chinese citizens. How many people were displaced by the project?
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The dam is an impressive feat of construction, and it was dangerous to build. About how many people died during construction?
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As soon as the reservoir was filled, what did authorities notice?
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Which problem may eventually render the dam obsolete?
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How many cities were flooded by the project?
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The rising reservoir displaced 1.3 million people. How long is this huge reservoir?
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It's hard to explain just how big the dam really is. It caused water levels to rise how much?
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The government offered money to many of the 1.3 million people displaced by the dam. What happened to a lot of that money?
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The dam is immense. It is about how wide?
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The dam features a ship lift that helps ships bypass the dam. How long does it take for ships to go through the sophisticated lift area?
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During peak construction, the dam was a major source of employment. How many people were working on the dam?
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The reservoir is so big that it routinely causes which problem?
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True or false: The dam cost about $25 billion to design and build.
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A portage system is being built to help what kind of transportation skirt around the dam?
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The dam provides a lot of electrical power. It can satisfy about what percentage of the entire country's power needs?
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True or false: The dam holds back an incredible (and potentially dangerous) amount of water. Fortunately, it would survive a nuclear strike.
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How does the government plan to prevent sedimentation from building up behind the dam?
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True or false: The dam is so big that it slowed the rotation of the Earth.
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How does this change in Earth's rotation affect the rest of us?
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As compensation for their displacement, the government offered about 50 yuan per month to some of the affected people. That was about how much money in U.S. dollars?
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The Three Gorges Dam was a long time coming. When was it first proposed?
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True or false: China has more dams than any other country on Earth.
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Some scientists say that the dam directly caused the extinction of what?
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