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With fashion hubs like Milan and Rome, it's no surprise that so many top designers flock to Italy to set up shop. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the lives and designs of some of Italy's top names in fashion.

What year did Gianni Versace launch his first collection?

Versace launched his first line of ready-to-wear women's fashion in Milan in 1978.


Who wore a Versace dress held together by safety pins in 1994?

Arguably the most famous Versace design of all time is the black safety pin dress Elizabeth Hurley wore to a 1994 movie premiere.


What year was Versace killed in Miami?

Versace was gunned down in 1997 at age 50, outside of his South Beach home.


What line did Donatella Versace manage in the early '90s?

Donatella managed the Versus line starting in the early '90s then took over the entire company after her brother died in 1997.


What city was home to Elsa Schiaparelli?

Schiaparelli was born in Rome and eventually moved to Paris to open a boutique in the 1920s.


What style of images is associated with Schiaparelli?

Schiaparelli was known for her line of sweaters printed with surrealist images and her line of divided skirts — early precursors to shorts.


What Italian designer is associated with the show "Miami Vice"?

Armani supplied many of the fashions shown in "Miami Vice," and his power suits became a major seller in the '80s.


What year did Armani release his first line?

Armani and partner Sergio Galeotti released a line of women's wear in 1975, followed by a men's line the next year.


What color is Valentino associated with?

Designer Valentino Garavani is known for his signature shade of Valentino red.


Valentino had a close relationship with this female fashion superstar.

Valentino dressed Jacqueline Kennedy for years and even designed her wedding dress when she married Aristotle Onassis in 1968.


What designer brand is known for its iconic zigzag pattern?

Vittorio Missoni joined in the family business when he started designing for the brand, which was famous for its knitwear in zigzag patterns.


What year was Vittorio Missoni lost in a plane crash?

Missoni and family were lost in a plane crash off the coast of Venezuela in January 2013. The wreckage of the plane was found in June of that year.


What was Prada famous for when Miuccia Prada started working for the family design house?

Prada was largely a luggage company before the self-trained Miuccia introduced shoes, clothing and handbags.


What brand did Miuccia Prada create to make affordable clothing for women?

Prada introduced Miu Miu in 1992 to give buyers an alternative to the more expensive Prada label.


What year did Luciano Benetton launch the Benetton group?

Benetton launched his famous company in 1965. The company includes brands such as Sisley and United Colors of Benetton.


What other job did Benetton hold?

In addition to his design work, Benetton served as a senator in Italy from 1992 to 1994.


Where did Emilio Pucci open his first boutique?

Pucci saw the allure of Capri long before it was a hot spot for the rich and famous and launched his first boutique on the island in the 1940s.


What was Pucci famous for using in his designs?

Pucci was known as the "Prince of Prints" because of the way he incorporated everything from geometric patterns to animal prints into his designs.


What year did Guccio Gucci found his design house?

Gucci founded his atelier in Florence in 1920. His four sons would later join the company.


What material was Gucci famous for in the early 20th century?

Gucci was known for its leather creations and the leather alternatives, like pigskin, it developed due to World War II shortages.


What did Roberto Cavalli do to leather to make a name for himself?

Cavalli rose to fame on the popularity of his printed leather creations before focusing on evening gowns later in his career.


What clothing item did Cavalli experiment with during the '80s and '90s?

Cavalli made printed jeans in 1988 then introduced stretch jeans in 1995.


Where did Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana open their first showroom?

The pair created their first major collection in 1985 and opened their first showroom in Milan in 1987.


What city did Roberto Capucci choose for his first atelier?

Capucci opened his first designer salon in Rome in 1950.


What was Capucci famous for?

Capucci made sculpted dresses famous, particularly his Colonna silhouette, which was inspired by the Doric column.


Who was nicknamed the "Architect of Fashion"?

Gianfranco Ferre was nicknamed <i>L'architetto</i>, or the Architect of Fashion, thanks to his background in architecture.


What was Ferre best-known for?

Ferre focused on business suits with bold seams as well as simple, well-constructed white blouses.


What company did Renzo Russo start?

Russo started denim company Diesel in 1978.


What was Russo's first clothing creation?

Russo created a pair of bell-bottoms with a 17-inch (43-centimeter) flare at age 17.


What accessory is Salvatore Ferragamo famous for?

Ferragamo designs some of the most coveted shoes in fashion, from metal-tipped stilettos to cork wedges.


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