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If you have a good vocabulary, the world is at your fingertips. If you're a person that has the ability to use words in a way that convinces, entertains or impresses people then you have already won half the battle. On the other hand, if you're a person that struggles to figure out what words to use, then life can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. This is true about anything you would like to do, whether it be flirting with someone you have your eye on, trying to get a job that pays more money, or simply trying to explain yourself to someone, whether it be written or verbal a good vocabulary is a key to success.

You might not be sure what kind of vocabulary you have; after all, if you aren't sure what a word that someone is using means, that doesn't mean that your vocabulary stinks. It might just mean that you have come across someone that uses obscure words to try to be impressive, and let's be honest, no one wants to be that guy. So we have put together a quiz that will let you know whether or not your vocabulary is splendid or superior. Take this quiz to find out.

What is a "frontier"?

Although in America this word was often used in the old West, its origin is French. In French, it means one country that is bordering another.


What are you doing when you "gripe?"

This word originally meant to grab something, but as time has gone on, the meaning has changed. It now means to complain about something.


What does "temporary" mean?

"Temporary" is a bit of a funny word, because what does last forever when you think of it? The origin of this word is Latin. Back then it was "temporarius."


What does "effuse" mean?

"Effuse" has a latin origin. While the word means "to pour out," these days it is used a lot more to show that someone is excited.


What grows on a "citrus" tree?

Citrus trees usually grow in the South. While they are mostly known for their oranges, one also can grow lemons on a citrus tree.


How loud is a "din"?

A din is not only a loud noise, it is also one that is strident. Basically this word means not only something that is loud, but something that is also bothersome as well.


How big is something that is "vast"?

If you use the word "vast," it not only means that something is huge. It also implies that something is desolate and empty. A desert is vast, but a football stadium wouldn't be.


If you are feeling "woe," how do you feel?

If you feel "woe" it isn't that you just feel sad, you feel sad because something bad happened to you. This is why they say "a tale of woe."


What are you doing if you "complain"?

People that complain aren't just unhappy; they are people that are unhappy about something that want to let someone know.


What is an "era"?

An era is a period of time that was distinctive. This is why the expression "the end of an era" is so well known.


What might something "delicate" be?

Delicate is a word that could refer to feelings as well as something that is easily breakable. If you try to break news to someone in a delicate manner, you are trying not to hurt their feelings.


What type of job would be "menial"?

The word "menial" is used for unskilled labor. Not that there is anything wrong with that; sometimes menial jobs can pay very well.


What is a "strand" of hair?

The word strand has more than one meaning. It can also refer to being left somewhere. All the people on Gilligan's Island were stranded.


What are you doing if you "announce" that you got a new job?

When you're making an announcement, you're giving everyone around you a piece of information. People that are shy or secretive don't announce things much.


How difficult is to do do something "easy?"

The word "easy" comes from the word "ease," which means "freedom from difficult. I know this was an easy one. You're welcome.


If you "anticipate" something happening, will it?

When you anticipate something happening, it means that you have reason to think it will. Don't count on it though until it actually does.


If you "bestow" a gift to someone, what are you doing?

The word "bestow" doesn't just have to do with giving someone a physical gift. It can also be when you bestow an honor on someone.


Who is most likely to be "flexible"?

Of all the sports out there, being a gymnast might require the most flexibility. If you aren't flexible, you aren't going to go far as a gymnast!


What are you doing it you are "replenishing" your glass of water?

"Replenish" means to fill something up again or to restock something. In other words, if it wasn't full in the first place it can't be replenished.


If you feel "wrath," what do you feel?

"Wrath" is one of those words that means intense anger, but does so in a cool way. Which is why movies and books use the word such as "Wrath of Khan" or "The Grapes of Wrath."


What do you put in a "cone?"

A cone is a shape with a circular base and sides tapering to a point. It is the perfect thing to put ice cream in.


What would you" inflate"?

You can also fill something with some sort of gas when you inflate something, but usually it is with air. You certainly wouldn't want inflate a house; it probably wouldn't be too stable.


Which of these is a vehicle?

A vehicle is something that transports people or objects. You certainly wouldn't want to ride in a tree; it probably wouldn't work out that well.


How are you walking if you walk "gingerly?"

While the word "ginger" usually means a spice or if you're thinking of slang someone with red hair "gingerly" means something different. If you do something gingerly, you're using a lot of care.


What might a "chart" be used to check?

A chart is always something visual that is used to display information. It can be as simple as something written out on a piece of paper or as complicated as something created on a computer to show millions of people.


How do you feel when you're "anguished?"

Anguish is a word that goes way beyond sad. If you're feel anguished, you're really freaked out and feel enormous stress or pain.


If you have "plenty" of money, how much do you have?

If you have "plenty" of anything it means you have a full supply. You always might want more of something, but if you have plenty you don't need more.


What food is a "delicacy?"

Of course you might think a really good burrito is a delicacy, but you would probably be wrong. A delicacy is something that is the quality of being exquisitely fine in appearance.


What are you doing if you "mumble?"

People that mumble occasionally are okay, we all do that. But when you know someone who mumbles all the time, it can be a pain. Speak up, will you?


Which word means to move forward, and is also a season?

The word "spring" means to move forward by leaps and bounds.


If you are "wary" of your partner cheating on you, what does that mean?

If you are wary of something, you're being careful because you're concerned something might happen. You would be wise to be wary walking down a dark alley at night.


If you "assert" something, what are you doing?

If you assert something, you are claiming it to be the truth. You might assert that there are aliens in the world, that you love your partner, or that you weigh 10 pounds less than you do. Some of these things might not be true, but you're asserting them all.


What is something "plain?"

Something plain doesn't mean that it is awful. Well, except in the case of donuts. Who eats plain donuts?


How do you feel when you're "fatigued"?

Fatigue is when you lose energy from exercise or hard work. The cool thing about fatigue is that it is only temporary.


How cool is something that is "awesome?"

The word "awe" is a feeling of respect mixed with fear and wonder. So how cool is it to be awesome? So cool!


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