Quiz: Is Your Vocabulary Actually Good?
Is Your Vocabulary Actually Good?
By: Monica Lee
Image: ozgurdonmaz/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Sometimes just using one word incorrectly can ruin that good impression you're trying to make. To ensure that doesn't happen, you'll want to take this quiz and recall all the tricks and tips for using the correct word properly. 

You don't want an embarrassing moment like asking your host, "Can I use the restroom?" and the host answers, "I don't know, can you?" In this instance, you should have used "may" instead of  "can" because "can" implies whether it is physically possible, while "may" means you want permission. It's all about having a solid command of the language to express yourself confidently and accurately. 

Since many words are learned from context, other people may use a word loosely. Therefore, the precision of the definition might allude you. In this quiz you'll see a few of these vocabulary questions where you need the precise definition, as well as queries that ask you to find the best word to use in a sentence.  

Since the English language is constantly changing with new words and updated definitions, you'll want to take this quiz to see if you know the latest and greatest vocabulary words. 

We don't want to harassment you, but you really should take this quiz. 

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