Is Your Personality More Suited for a Creative or Analytical Job?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Whether you are questioning your current career path or considering something new, you can think of this quiz as your own personal career consultant. We are so confident that your personality will tell us the direction your career should take, we feel comfortable saying that we can save you thousands of dollars of headhunter's fees. All you have to do it tell us about your work personality!

While there are some people who can handle both a creative and analytical job, those who focus on their specific skills tend to climb the corporate ladder faster than the others. After all, who doesn't want to employ an expert? Beneath the veneer of your resume or your portfolio, there's a person who is prone to following their passion. 

As we try to get to know what type of job is best for you, we need to know what gets you up and moving toward the office in the mornings. The answers you give us will help us read your traits and place you in the correct field. Even if you are the analytical type, try not to think too much. 

We're not a job interview, and we don't need you to impress us. We're simply here to make suggestions. Should you work in a creative or an analytical field? Let's go forward and find out!

What do you like most about your current job?

Do you do a lot of daydreaming when you are at work?

If your boss asked you to fire someone, how would you do it?

Do you ever take a sick day when you are not sick?

How are your computer skills?

How much of your work day do you spend on your feet?

If we asked your coworkers about you, which word would they use to describe you?

Do you have a current resume?

To further yourself in your career, would you go back to school?

How would you describe your work attire?

Do you doodle with a pen when you are on hold?

Are you handy around the house?

Can you name at least five famous artists?

Would you rather work alone or on a team?

Do you tend to take your job home with you?

Where do you usually take your lunch break?

Would you prefer to work with animals or with children?

Which area of your life needs the most attention right now?

If you worked in a hospital, which job would you have?

Do you need to be motivated or do you work better at your own pace?

Which of these subjects did you hate in high school?

Are you self-disciplined enough to work from home?

Do you break a lot of rules at work?

How would you handle walking into a meeting with toilet paper stuck to your shoe?

What do you usually talk about around the water cooler?

Which of the following things would your dream job have in the break room?

Do you tend to approach problems with logic or with your heart?

How do you relieve job-related stress?

Could you handle running your own company?

How would you rate your level of job satisfaction?

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