Quiz: Is Your IQ Higher Than the Average American?
Is Your IQ Higher Than the Average American?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Some people are naturally clever - in a very specific way. That's their "intelligence quotient" or IQ. The average is 100. Genius is 140. Are you over the average?

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Were you in any AP classes?

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At what age were you reading on your own?

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Do you find most people just a teensy bit... well, thick?

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Roughly what is your vocabulary?

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Did you ever read ahead of your grade level?

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Can you play an instrument?

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When you were a kid on the playground, could you instinctively figure out that the seesaw worked best if the bigger kid sat further away from the middle?

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How's your Sudoku game?

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What sort of humor do you like best?

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How many books do you read per year?

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Not everyone gets a shot at a good education, but smart folks tend to stand out wherever they are. Did you tend to outperform others on the same course as you?

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How many national flags do you think you could identify?

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