Is Your IQ Higher Than the Average American?

Zoe Samuel

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Some people are naturally clever - in a very specific way. That's their "intelligence quotient" or IQ. The average is 100. Genius is 140. Are you over the average?

Were you in any AP classes?

Are you great at math?

At what age were you reading on your own?

Do you find most people just a teensy bit... well, thick?

Can you read a spreadsheet?

Can you memorize a poem?

How about remembering a phone number?

Are you good at deductive reasoning?

Roughly what is your vocabulary?

Did you ever read ahead of your grade level?

Can you play an instrument?

Can you see patterns?

Do you instinctively recognize the Golden Mean when you see it?

When you were a kid on the playground, could you instinctively figure out that the seesaw worked best if the bigger kid sat further away from the middle?

How much do plot holes in movies bother you?

How's your Sudoku game?

And your Minesweeper talents?

Can you read maps?

How's your emotional intelligence?

What sort of humor do you like best?

How many books do you read per year?

How easily manipulated are you?

Do you have a lot of empathy?

Do you understand other people's positions more instinctively, or intellectually?

Not everyone gets a shot at a good education, but smart folks tend to stand out wherever they are. Did you tend to outperform others on the same course as you?

Do you instinctively understand how an igloo stays up?

Do you retain a lot of general knowledge?

How many national flags do you think you could identify?

What is the wind?

Do you tend to question what you are told?

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