Quiz: Is Your Grammar Better Than a 5th Grader’s?
Is Your Grammar Better Than a 5th Grader’s?
By: Lauren Lubas
Image: Nick White / DigitalVision / Getty IMages

About This Quiz

The majority of our grammar skills come to us when we are in grade school (or grammar school). In high school, we don't really get grammar lessons, as the curriculum is centered around writing five-paragraph essays and answering questions that prove we read a book. 

After high school, our grammar skills fall dramatically. Everything we learned at a young age falls by the wayside as we succumb to the grammar social media allows... which is pretty much anything. There aren't a lot of grammar nerds left to call out poor grammar skills anymore, as we are now called "trolls" for trying to teach people the difference between "your" and "you're." The bite back on those who attempt to teach people the fundamentals of the English language on social media has led to the grammar police throwing up their hands and saying: "Okay, be wrong, but don't get mad when people don't understand you."

If you miss the good old days of people at least ATTEMPTING to form a complete sentence that has things like punctuation and subject-verb agreement, you should know that you're not alone. However, the question is: can you walk with the big dogs in the grammar circuit? Take this quiz and find out if you have better grammar skills than a 5th grader.

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Which word is the conjunction in this sentence: "I have three dogs, but I only have two cats."?
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Which of these is a proper noun?
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What is the plural form of the noun "church"?
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What error is in this sentence: "The dogs has to go to the vet."?
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"We aren't going to the grocery store today." Is this sentence in the past tense, present tense, or future tense?
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Which of these is NOT a form of the verb "to be"?
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Of these contractions, which one is incorrect?
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Which of these verbs is NOT the correct form of a past tense verb?
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"The dog ate its bone": What is the pronoun and antecedent in this sentence?
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Which of these is NOT a subject pronoun?
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Their, there, and they're are all examples of what?
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Which of these is NOT a demonstrative adjective?
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What is the article in this sentence: "She wanted to find a boat."?
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Can you finish this sentence properly? "The _______ dogs had three bones."
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What is the correct form of the adjective in this sentence: "The _______ files were kept in a vault."
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Which of these sentences means "he did a good job"?
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Can you fill in the blank to complete the sentence correctly? Winter is the ________ time of year.
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Can you identify what is wrong with this sentence? "She never had nothing bad to say about anyone."
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Which of these words ISN'T a preposition?
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