Is Your Brain More EMT or Nurse?

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Some people are called to make a very luxurious living, and others are called to care for the sick and needy. Fortunately, while our society is generally pretty terrible at appreciating those who do more for the good of humanity, we have managed to figure out how to make a few jobs work that offer a good living along with the opportunity to help people. Being a nurse or an emergency medical technician (EMT) is an ideal way to pursue something noble and of use to your wider community, while still being blessed with the chance to take care of your family.

The similarities may be many, but the contrasts are also numerous. Both jobs can often involve rushing to the scene of disasters, making a swift assessment and, often, making do with subpar resources and information. However, a nurse is a slightly less adventurous role. An EMT may find themselves anywhere, while a nurse knows roughly what their day has in store. There are also plenty of differences in the amount of study, who you’ll see during your day and what tasks you might have to do. That’s why the same mind might not be suited to both options. Let’s find out which way your brain is leaning!

How awesome are your driving skills?

How long do you like to spend on a single project, typically?

Do you prefer to specialize very deeply in a single topic, or learn many things at a less intense level?

What outfit color scheme makes you feel professional?

Can you work just about anywhere?

How important is being the boss in a given situation?

Do you like making and executing a long-term plan involving many people?

How would you cope with breaking it to someone that their loved one is not going to make it?

How good is your bedside manner?

How often do you fantasize about responding to someone on a plane saying, "Is anyone here medically trained"?

How long does it take you to change a set of linens?

Would you mind working outside in the freezing rain?

What does the prospect of working with other emergency services like police and fire make you feel?

How often do you leave the house without your keys?

Can you do pretty decent math in your head?

What mistake do you most fear making at work?

How quietly can you move around when you have to?

What is really the best medicine?

What percentage of "old wives' tales" would you say actually have some wisdom to them?

What sort of shoe do you like to wear all day at work?

What sort of person do you really want to avoid at work?

Can you leave a difficult day at the office?

How large a team do you like to work in?

Can you take orders as readily as you give them?

With a particular focus on complicated names of medications, how good is your spelling?

Do you know how to read a chart?

How many languages can you speak?

If a police officer wanted to take blood from your patient without consent, but they didn't have the required warrant, how would you stop them?

What do you do to unwind at the end of a long day?

How long is too long to spend in college?

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