Quiz: Is Your Boyfriend Good for You?
Is Your Boyfriend Good for You?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Thanasis Zovoilis / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Relationships are confusing. Guys can be too. When you meet a guy and things start to click, the next step is thinking about a relationship, That might consist of going out on a bunch of dates, then down the road maybe living together, then who knows, maybe even getting engaged and walking down the aisle. 

But love is complicated: sometimes things that feel really good can turn into something that isn't so great. You might get caught up in passion, in romance, maybe even in not being alone, and pick a guy who really isn't good for you. Because after all, that is what relationships are all about. 

You want someone you can trust, who you can rely on, who is there for you when no one else is, who supports you when you are going through a hard time. Someone who accepts you for exactly who you are and never tries to change you, but who is willing to tell you when he sees you doing something that is harmful to yourself or to your relationship. 

What all this really comes down to is whether your boyfriend good for you. You might want to take this quiz and find out for sure.

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When he is wrong, will he admit that he made a mistake?

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Does he know all the little things about you that others don't?

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Do you feel that he looks at you as an equal?

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Does he ever question you about where you've been or go through your phone?

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Is he inspiring to you to be the best person that you can possibly be?

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Will he ever stay out all night and you don't know where he is?

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Friends are important. Do you get along with all of his friends?

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Does he encourage you to achieve all of your career goals?

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When you're just kicking around the house with him in your sweats, do you feel comfortable?

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If you text him with a question, how long does it usually take for him to reply?

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Does he do little romantic things for you from time to time?

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How often have you caught him lying to you?

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Could you two cut it in a long-distance relationship?

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Does he listen to you talk about your day?

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Does he have any bad habits he tries to get you to join him in?

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