Quiz: Is This the Outline of a U.S. State or a Country?
Is This the Outline of a U.S. State or a Country?
By: Craig
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About This Quiz

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Or is it where in the USA? Regardless of the answer, Carmen San Diego has been all over, and we're taking you around the world with this quiz! From the United States to the countries around the world, can you decide if these outlines are of a U.S. state or a country?

Over the entire globe, there are six habitable continents made up of 195 countries. One of those countries, the United States, is the third largest country made up of 50 states. When compared to the other 194 countries in the world, some states like Alaska, Texas, and New York are larger than tens of other countries in the world. When given an outline, can you tell if its that of a U.S. state or country? 

When given an archipelago of islands, would you know if it's Japan or Hawaii?  If given a boot-shaped outline, could you identify it is as Florida or Italy? For the vast state of Alaska, would you be able to differentiate its shape from India or Australia?

Let's find out if you're making it around the world with this quiz! Will you be piloting these questions towards a perfect score or will you be stuck at check-in?

There's only one way to find out! Ready for take off!

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