Quiz: Is This Common Knowledge Fact Right or Wrong?
Is This Common Knowledge Fact Right or Wrong?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If something is common knowledge, then everyone knows it, right? Unfortunately, no, that's not always the case. Like many things, much of what we think we know is often false. If you think you are a pro at understanding what common knowledge facts are correct and which are not, then this is the quiz for you. But, be careful, you might not know what you think you know. Let's get started to find out how much you do know.

Ok, so let's start out with this fact: shaving your hair (legs, face, whatever) causes it to grow back thicker and coarser. Is this common knowledge fact right or wrong?

It's actually wrong. Huh? Yup, it's true. Shaving your hair, any hair, does not cause it to grow back thicker or coarser. The reason that hair sometimes seems thicker and/or coarser after you shave it is because it has been cut straight across. Before the hair was cut, the end was tapered, which made it seem lighter and finer. As the hair grows out, you'll see that the ends will become tapered again, and the hair will not seem as coarse.

Did you get that one right? Take this quiz to find out how many more you can guess correctly.

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