Quiz: Is This a Plumbing Tool or a Construction Tool?
Is This a Plumbing Tool or a Construction Tool?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: YinYang / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The worlds of plumbing and construction may seem a little different from each other, but without a doubt, there are similarities. And in some cases, they use many of the same tools. So for that reason, this quiz might prove a little more difficult than you might have expected.

The world of plumbing certainly has many and varied jobs or scenarios. It's not just all about putting the perfect bathroom together, ensuring that the water pressure for that beautiful shower is spot on or that all the fixtures and fittings make a bathroom fit for royalty. No, in fact, it can get a little dark and dingy. Sure, plumbers love the jobs linked to construction, but their bread and butter is those blocked drains that need to be fixed or those leaky pipes that need to be located.

Now, construction workers might not have those problems, but working on a construction site is dirty work as well, and hard toil in most cases. Each of these professions have many specialized tools that they need to use each day, but they also have some that overlap. Have we included those in the quiz? Well, you'll just have to see!

But enough about that, let's see if you know your plumbing and construction tools!

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