Quiz: Is It Time to Replace Your Truck?
Is It Time to Replace Your Truck?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
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It is your friend, your trusted companion, your workmate, and your road trip buddy. It's your truck. You don't just drive it for work, you build an attachment to it, like a well-worn pair of jeans. Is it the right time to replace your truck?

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What happens when you turn the ignition key in your truck?

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How many horses have escaped your truck's engine?

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How quickly does the torque come now, compared with how it was when it was new?

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Do your friends still ask to borrow your truck?

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When you accidentally dent a door or a fender, do you bother to worry about it?

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Do you worry when a road leads your truck to the base of a hill?

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What was the key feature marketed by your truck's manufacturer when your truck was new?

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When you pull up to a red light and a new truck pulls up next to you, how do you feel?

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How often do you have to do DIY maintenance on your truck?

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How often do you have to take your truck to the shop for maintenance?

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Does your significant other think you should get a new truck?

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Is your truck capable of towing a trailer?

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Is your truck capable of pulling a tree stump?

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