Quiz: Is it New York or California?
Is it New York or California?
By: John Miller
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One anchors the East Coast, the other is a major West Coast state. They are both trendsetting trailblazers, but do you really know the differences between New York and California?

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Which one first became a state?
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The Empire State Building is an iconic skyscraper in which state?
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A big bear appears on the official flag of which state?
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Which state is bordered by the Pacific Ocean?
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From north to south, which state is nearly 800 miles long?
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The redwood is the official tree of which state?
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Actress Jessica Alba was born in which state?
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Which state is nicknamed the Empire State?
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Highway 101 is a famed and scenic road in which state?
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Long Island is a big island off the coast of which state?
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Times Square is a major attraction in which state?
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Which state has a larger population?
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Jerry Brown is the governor of which state?
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In which state would you find the renowned Columbia University?
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From a geographical standpoint, which state is home to a lower point?
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Which state is home to America's most populous city?
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The Adirondack Mountains are found in which state?
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Which state is home the Sierra Nevada mountain range?
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In the mid-1800s, a major gold rush occurred in which state?
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From a land area perspective, which state is bigger?
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Which state is shaped (sort of) like a triangle?
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More than one-quarter of the population speaks Spanish in which state?
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"Eureka" is the motto for which state?
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Where would you find the Catskill Mountains?
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Interstate 90 is a major highway in which state?
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Albany is the capital of which state?
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Tom Cruise is a famous native of which state?
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Which state has the tallest mountain peak?
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Which state is bordered by Oregon?
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Which state has a higher median household income?
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