Quiz: Touchscreen Talent: Have You Mastered the iPad?
Touchscreen Talent: Have You Mastered the iPad?
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Apple has sold tens of millions of iPad tablet computers since their release in 2010. If you haven't touched, tapped or swiped one, you will soon enough. Get up to speed with our quiz, and find out just how much you know about Apple's iPad.

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How many versions of the iPad are available as of mid-2011?

Apple offers two versions of its iPad: a WiFi-only model and one with 3G capability. Each of those is available with one of three levels of memory, and can be had in black or white. Thus, there are 12 varieties of the iPad available.

Apple's smart cover for the iPad is a magnetic cover that protects the screen. When it's in place, it blocks the tablet's light sensor, causing it to go into sleep mode. The cover not only saves your screen, but it also saves your battery.

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How many first-generation iPads did Apple sell in 2010?

It's hard to determine precisely how many iPads Apple sold in 2010, the year the tablet was launched, but estimates put the number somewhere around 15 million.

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How many iPad 2s did Apple sell between March and August 2011?

Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about sales figures for its devices. But analysts suggest the company sold more than 300,000 iPad 2s in the device's first 24 hours and may have beat its estimate of selling 5.5 million in its first quarter.

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Apple developed iOS for its range of touch-capable devices. It's currently used for the company's mobile devices and Apple TV products.

The use of so-called "flash" storage instead of a traditional hard drive allows mobile devices such as the iPad to be lighter and launch faster than hard drive-equipped computers.

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iPads can get online in one of two ways: The standard model uses WiFi signals to go online, while the more expensive 3G model uses cellular signals to connect in a wider variety of locations.

The iPad 2 processes data from onboard gyroscopes, accelerometers, a compass and GPS signals to determine its location and orientation. This data opens the door for a wide range of games, moving maps and other position-sensitive applications.

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What is the best way to protect your iPad?

Combining a screen-protecting skin with a lightly padded carrying case will ensure that your iPad stays intact and functional.

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True or false: The iPad 2 is the same size and weight as the original iPad.

The iPad 2 is about 8.8 millimeters thick, about 33 percent thinner than the original iPad. And at a weight of between 1.33 and 1.35 pounds, depending on the model, the iPad 2 can be up to 15 percent lighter than the iPad.

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