Interpret These Slang Words and Phrases and We’ll Guess Your Age

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Theories about language and slang have changed over the years. In the past, there were few hard and fast rules about spelling, let alone word creation. With the advent of the dictionary, word choice suddenly took on a whole new meaning. Slang never stopped coming into existence, but the use of specific slang told the listener quite a lot. Slang choices say things about class, about education, about geographic origins, about what one aspires to and about one's intentions. Slang is about more than just use or misuse of words. It's about creating new, idiomatic expressions that give the speaker an avenue for self expression, either ruder, cruder or more specific, all to make a point.

Every generation has had its slang. The late 1800s produced the book "The Rogue's Lexicon," a compendium of street slang mostly used by the criminal classes in New York City. Subcultures produce their own slang, though they might think of that more as trade terminology. We've learned to control for culturally specific slang, coming up with a way to figure out your age by your interpretation of slang expressions. The accuracy of our test is absurd. Are you ready to put us to the test? Then let us put your slang knowledge to the test!

Time to translate for us: What would you say it meant if someone or something is super "ginchy"?

Woah, man! What's going on if you have a cow?

Here's a question for Salt Bae: When someone is salty, what's going on with them?

What would you say was going on if someone had it made in the shade?

Let's turn a noun into a verb. What does it mean if you're adulting?

Dude! Is being gnarly a good thing?

Antithesis isn't the word here: What's the antithesis (or opposite) of "no duh"?

Let's load a word with tons of meaning. What is "dope"?

You probably know someone on allergy meds. But who of the following people is on fleek?

Here's something that sounds like it could be a popular baby name these days: What's a zeek?

Let's keep things odd. What do you mean if your response is "not even"?

We have a Zen koan for you. What does a thirsty person want?

This one reads like a graduate philosophy thesis: If something is butter, what is it?

Let's be conversational. How would you cut the gas?

This one sounds industrial to us. What the heck is grindage?

What's your take on the meaning of "Daddy-O"?

Get your running shoes ready. What would you do if someone said you had to beat feet?

Look in the mirror. What does it mean to glow up?

Put on your high school math hat for this one. What quality does something have if it's tubular?

Remember that "chassis" is pronounced "CHASS-ee." What might it mean if someone told you about your classy chassis?

We hope you're wearing black. What does it mean when someone says "I'm dead"?

Tap into your inner Disney princess. Why would you trust the word from the bird?

Brevity is the soul of wit. What does it mean if someone says simply, "word"?

All right, pal! How would you react if someone told you it's time for a wig chop?

This one sounds like a monster from a horror movie! Who or what is a snacc?

Think hard on this one. How would you respond if asked "what's your damage?"

Don't worry, we won't make you do this -- but why would you volunteer to be gagged with a spoon?

We promise this one's not as dirty as it sounds. What's going on if something razzes your berries?

Let's fly to Italy. What does it mean if something is Gucci?

Let's visit your old friends. What would it mean if your friend suddenly had an infestation of ankle-biters?

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