Quiz: Interpret These Millennial Phrases and We'll Guess Your Age
Interpret These Millennial Phrases and We'll Guess Your Age
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: John Lamb / Photodisc / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Are you really adulting if you're commenting "goals AF" on your crush's thirst traps while pregaming in your jorts? The answer depends on what age you are. Gen Xers and baby boomers probably think we're trolling them with this question, which makes Gen Zers roll their eyes and millennials pause thoughtfully, as they wonder whether this struggle is, in fact, real. 

The truth is, each generation has its own problems to confront, which leads them to develop their own lexicon of phrases. The Silent Generation dealt with a very patriarchal culture. Hence the scornful term "daddy-o," which they liked to throw at authority figures. The Silent Generation's children, the baby boomers, prioritized their personal expression above all. Their slang was heavily influenced by California's psychedelic surfer/hippie culture and included drug-related phrases like "lay it on me," "crash," "groovy," "beat feet" and "that was a trip." 

Today, millennials are overworked and exhausted, causing them to invent a language that makes avoidant behavior seem more jaunty and socially acceptable. Hence phrases and concepts like "I ghosted," "sorry not sorry," "doing a slow fade," "no chill" and the like. 

You may think millennial slang is silly, but do you understand it? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz. In return, we'll guess your generation and exact age. Think we can't even? We can!

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If you put your foot in your mouth with an offhand comment and another person says "shots fired," are they commenting on your faux pas or just randomly babbling?

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