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Taking an international trip with your pet may be extremely difficult, but worth it. Take this quiz to see how to prepare for international pet travel.

For a trip out of the country with your pet, how much time should you allow to make all the arrangements?

Allow plenty of time to jump through all the hoops; eight to nine months should be enough time to prepare.


When traveling as cargo, what must be provided for your pet other than a pet carrier?

Owners must provide food and drink along with an appropriate carrier.


What countries require your pet to have a passport?

If you plan to travel to countries in the European Union, make sure your pet has a passport. Italy and Spain are members of the European Union.


What is an animal-borne disease?

Take your pick from hoof and mouth, mad cow, avian flu and SARS.


How long is the validity of a European Union pet passport?

A pet passport is valid for the life of the pet.


How can you help your pet deal with jet lag?

Just like people, animals may feel jet lag. To help restore the circadian rhythms, on the day of your arrival take your pet for a walk in the fresh air and sunlight.


For traveling with your pet to European Union countries, where can you find information about the regulations and forms?

You can find traveling information on the European Commission Web site.


Starting in July 2011, European Union countries will require what form of identification for pets?

An implanted transponder identification will be required for all pets.


In addition to rabies inoculations, what does Ireland require of pets entering the country?

Pets must have records regarding tick or tapeworm treatments.


Why may you want to visit the veterinarian when you return home?

You may want to have your pet checked for travelling parasites.


What certificate do many countries require?

You may need an International Certificate of Pet Health or CFIA health certificate.


What paperwork must be processed to get your pet back into the U.S.?

You must list your pet on your customs declaration card.


What must you present to bring a bird into the U.S.?

To bring a bird home with you, you must show a permit, health certificate and a confinement agreement.


What may happen if your pet becomes ill during the journey?

Your pet may be detained upon arrival if it appears ill.


How can you help your pet become comfortable with its airline carrier?

Get your pet to practice spending time in the carrier, and increase the time spent gradually.


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