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Like many other organizations, the International Mountain Biking Association was created to bring together people who share common interests. So take this quiz and get ready to climb on your bicycle and hit the trails.

Why are clubs and associations formed?

People often form organizations to create more opportunities to enjoy common interests together.


When was the International Biking Association formed?

It was formed in 1988.


Where was the association formed?

It was formed in California.


Who formed the association?

A few mountain biking groups in California formed the association.


Why did they form the association?

It was to create a body big enough to be influential in the area of land-use matters.


What was the first issue that concerned the association?

They were concerned by closure of several popular biking trails.


What was another issue they wanted to address?

Increased popularity of mountain biking was causing overcrowding on many trails.


How did this affect biking?

Overcrowding caused conflicts between groups of cyclists using the same trails.


What did the association do about it?

It educated its members in responsible trail use.


How did they seek to combat closure of trails?

They used advocacy strategies combined with ethical standards for responsible trail usage, hoping this commitment to improved behavior would persuade land managers to maintain their trails.


How many U.S. states have members in the IMBA?

All 50 states have members.


Are there any overseas branches?

There are branches in 40 other countries.


What length of trails did the association help create?

The helped create thousands of miles of trails.


How many members does the association have?

There are more than 30,000 members.


How much is a family membership?

Family membership costs $50 per year.


What is the National Mountain Bike Patrol?

For an additional membership fee, members can help maintain and monitor trails and cyclists.


Which of the following is part of the Rules of the Trail?

Leave no trace, in other words stay on the trail and don't leave marks in the dirt away from the trail.


What is the Singletrack Society?

For $1,000 you can join this society in order to contribute more than just the normal membership fee to the IMBA.


What perks do IMBA members receive?

They receive discounts on new cars, health plans, insurance and bicycle gear.


Who is entitled to a subscription to "Mountain Bike" magazine?

Those who sign up online can opt to receive "Mountain Bike" or "Bicycling" magazines.


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