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Want to redecorate your bathroom for as low a cost as possible? Do as much of it as you can yourself to save on those dollars. With modern, fast-setting materials, tiling a bathroom wall yourself is easy and quick. Take our quiz to find out how to go about it.

Which of these items are helpful, but not necessary, when tiling a bathroom wall?

To tile a wall, you need the following items: hammer, chalk line, level, rubber gloves, tile mastic, tile grout sealer, tiles, edging caps and a paint stirring stick or old toothbrush. A saber saw with carbide blade is helpful but not necessary.


What should the condition of the bathroom wall be before you tile it?

Before beginning to tile, you should make sure the wall is smooth and free of loose plaster, dust or peeling paint.


When is a primer necessary?

A primer may be necessary on new plaster or unfinished drywall. Check the instructions on the mastic.


Which wall should you start at?

You should start tiling on the back wall, the wall opposite the bathtub's faucet.


By how much does the bathtub need to be uneven to make it necessary to adjust the first row of tiles?

If the bathtub is higher on one side by more than 1/8 of an inch (3 mm), you should adjust the starter row of tiles accordingly.


What instrument should you use for exact measurements when drawing lines on the bathroom wall?

You use a level when drawing a vertical line on the outer edge of the wall as far up as you want the tiles to reach.


Which tile will need to be cut?

The tile next to the corner of the wall will have to be cut to fit into whatever little space if left. Adjust the tiles to that no less than half a tile will need to be trimmed.


How much mastic should you spread at a time?

Spread as much mastic as you can cover with tile in half an hour. As you continue, spread mastic as needed.


How should you press each tile into the mastic?

Press each tile into the mastic with a slight twisting motion so that the mastic will spread out, but not too much so that it won't rise up in the grout line.


In what pattern should you install the tiles?

Tile the wall in a step-stair pattern, first tiling the first row, then doing the edge cap and first two tiles of the second row, then the edge cap and first tile of the third row.


What are escutcheons?

Escutcheons are the chrome rings around faucets and spouts. You need to cut tiles to fit around the faucet, spout and shower arm, but it doesn't have to perfect, because the escutcheons will hide any imperfections.


When can the grout be applied to the tiles?

You can apply the grout to the tiles when the mastic is completely dry. It takes at least 24 hours to dry.


What do you need to do to the tiles before applying grout?

You need to wet the tiles before applying the grout. This prevents the tiles from soaking up the moisture from the grout.


What should you use to wipe away excess grout?

You should use a wet sponge to wipe away excess grout. An old toothbrush or blunt stick should be used to force the grout into the grout lines between the tiles.


Once the grout has dried, what should you apply?

Once the grout has dried, you should apply sealant to the gap between the bath tub and the tiles, according to the manufacturer's instructions.


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