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You're inside on a cold and blustery day, but instead of feeling warm and cozy, you feel drafts and airy openings. Why? You probably need to install weather stripping around windows and doors, but what type should you install and how much will it cost? Take this quiz to find out.

By how much could you reduce your energy bill if you had good weather stripping?

You could reduce it by as much as 30 percent.


What common household item will determine whether your house needs weather stripping?

Blow the hair dryer from outside through the areas around the windows and doors. If someone on the inside can feel the air being blown, you need weather stripping.


Which type of weather stripping is the easiest to apply?

Pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed foam is by far the easiest weather stripping to apply.


What color is tubular gasket weather stripping?

Tubular gasket weather stripping only comes in gray or white. Incidentally, it cannot be painted or it will be ruined.


How do you apply jalousie gaskets?

Jalousie gaskets are clear vinyl tracks that can be cut to fit over the edges of jalousie louvers and are snapped into place.


What can you use to remove old weather stripping adhesive?

Use petroleum jelly. It's cheap and works great!


What equipment do you need when applying pressure-sensitive weather stripping?

You'll need dishwashing detergent, a pair of scissors and a rag.


How do manufacturers package spring-metal weather stripping?

They generally package it in rolls, together with the brads needed for installation.


What surface does self-sticking spring metal weather stripping best adhere to?

Self-sticking spring metal weather stripping is best suited for use on wood.


What temperate is ideal when applying felt weather stripping?

Warm is best; no cooler than 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees Celsius) is ideal. It's better for the adhesive bonding.


What is tubular gasket weather stripping made from?

It's made from very flexible vinyl.


Why are tubular types of weather stripping best used on the exterior of your home?

They're not that attractive. Better to use it outside where you'll see it less often than inside.


Where should weather stripping be installed on a sliding window that only has one moveable sash?

Install it on the one that moves only, then caulk the stationary sash.


What should you do before installing weather stripping around doors?

Before you start, tighten the hinge screws. This alone can close unnecessary air holes, albeit small ones.


Why might you need to plane the door before weather stripping?

You might need to plane it as a measure against binding. You should be able to do most of planing while the door is still on its hinges.


Bronze, aluminum and copper are common finishes for what kind of weather stripping?

They're common finishes for spring-metal strips (V-shape and single).


What advantage does pressure-sensitive foam have as weather stripping?

Pressure-sensitive foam has a cushioning effect that absorbs the noise and vibration of slamming.


Which type of door threshold is more likely to need replacing over time?

Wooden thresholds usually wear out with the passing of time. Thankfully, they're not that difficult to replace.


How are metal thresholds usually secured?

Metal thresholds are usually secured with the aid of screws that are concealed under vinyl inserts.


What's the name for the filler between the threshold and the bottom of the door?

A door sweep can create a tight seal when a gap exists between the bottom of the door and the threshold. Sweeps can be made of wood and felt, wood and foam or metal and vinyl. All are effective in sealing out drafts.


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