Quiz: Could you break these records? Take the quiz
Could you break these records? Take the quiz
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We humans can do amazing things -- whether it's out of sheer will to live (see "surviving adrift at sea") or an intense desire to be globally recognized for a bizarre achievement. Can you guess what these record breakers got up to?

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A man named Roy C. Sullivan survived the most lightning strikes. How many bolts hit him over his lifetime?
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American Gary Hatter took the world's longest lawnmower ride from May 31, 2000, to Feb. 14, 2001. How far did Hatter ride?
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Jayasimha Ravirala gave the world's longest lecture from in March 2007. For how long did he speak?
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Australian swimmer Susie Maroney completed the longest ocean swim in history. How far did she go?
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In 1997, Sri Lankan man Arulanantham Suresh Joachim set a world record for balancing on one foot. What's the record?
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What's the record for most cockroaches eaten at a sitting?
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In 1960, Donald Campbell fractured his skull in a car crash during speed trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Since then, no one has survived a crash at higher speeds. How fast was Campbell going?
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What's the world record for most books typed backwards?
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What's the longest known time that anyone has survived adrift at sea?
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What's the world record for holding one's breath?
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