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If the subject of infrared heating is unfamiliar to you, join the crowd. Infrared heating may be an economic and environmentally friendly option for specific heating needs. Take this quiz to see how red-hot your knowledge about infrared heaters is.

How may an infrared heater be useful for a home improvement project?

An infrared heater may be used to dry paint more quickly.


Why can't you see infrared light?

Infrared light is beyond the color spectrum that humans can see.


Infrared heaters use electricity, propane and:

Natural gas is the third fuel source used by infrared heaters.


The heating element of an infrared heater will have what type of protective cover?

Usually there will be a protective cover made of copper, iron, steel or brass.


How do infrared heaters differ?

Infrared heaters have different fuel sources, outputs, maximum temperatures and other specifications.


Why are some people hesitant to use infrared heaters?

Some people are concerned about the risk of cancer from using infrared heaters.


In your health spa, where may you find infrared heaters?

Some spas may use infrared heaters to warm the saunas.


Infrared heaters focus their heat on an:

Infrared heaters focus their heat on an object, rather than blowing warm air around the object.


Infrared heat that is used in saunas is similar to the sun's warming rays, minus what?

Infrared heat that is used in saunas does not produce UV rays.


Why may infrared heat be useful in large warehouse spaces?

Infrared heat may be a cost effective way to cut down on heat loss in large open spaces with doors that are frequently open.


Which fuel source of infrared heat does not emit harmful fumes?

Electric infrared heat does not emit any harmful fumes.


Which fuel is considered the least damaging of the fossil fuels?

Natural gas is considered to be the least damaging to the environment of all the fossil fuels.


Where does infrared heat come from?

Infrared heat is created by infrared light.


How do infrared heaters warm?

The object of the heater may absorb the light.


Some infrared heaters use different parts to create heat. How many parts are there in these types of heaters?

Some infrared heaters have an infrared light bulb, a heat exchanger and a fan, that together create heat.


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